All this time

Today is my 22nd anniversary of my bone marrow transplant. I remember some parts like it was yesterday and other parts of that illness that lasted 3 years are blocked out completely.

What I do know is I was one of three recipients to survive post 20 years, without Janet I’d be dead, without leukemia we would not know Larry Su (AKA Fossy Bear) and without the transplant I would not have survived to go another round…As they say ‘the longer you live, the longer you live.

A friend sent me this quote today from Philly

My favourite quote in the world. Think I’ll watch Rocky Balboa today! I feel invincible.

Happy days xx

3 thoughts on “All this time

  1. I will raise a glass of white tonight and thank the universe allowing all things to align 22 years ago. I can’t imagine a world without you in it. xx

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  2. I remember when you were getting your transplant and we came in to visit you. I don’t think i realised at the time how serious it all was, me
    being so young and naive. You are such an amazingly strong and resilient woman and i feel so blessed and thankful to have known you all these years. Cheers to one of the most beautiful souls i know. xoxo

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