This just got real my friend

Day surgery went like clock work. Had great surgeon & anesthetist who both bulk billed and fab nurses. Went under general anesthetic about 2.10pm then was awake by 3.30pm. Surgery took about 40 minutes and they have left the toggles in today simply for ease tomorrow but normally they won’t stay there. Had terrific hospital cheese & crackers (yum) plus lunch and sent home with Panadiene Forte about 4.30pm. No pain yet (yippee) but expecting local to wear off later.

Had lovely chats with the nurses and fun times with the other blokes waiting for surgery & post op. (one had pollops removed Cheryl). We talked John Holmes, porn, wives being Mrs Always Right and much much more!  All stemmed from discussing resilience in children & sharing our child hood unsavory nick names aka Dennis (the menace) & Debbie (does Dallas) . When Dennis got picked up he yelled “see ya in Dallas!. Another male nurse encouraged me to get toggles on my healthy breast nipple! FUN TIMES. I said I was going to enjoy this journey & so far no complaints.
Had the best sleep, now home being spoilt with Amy’s spice cake & Tina’s minestrone soup & Elaine’s homemade sausage rolls! Some night time reading about my port to be done & maybe round out the day with Rocky IV.
Have posted a few B4 & after shots of day surgery. Lucky for u it’s not the surgery Fos thought I was having today:
Fos “are u nervous mum”
me “not at all”
Fos “aren’t u having ur boobs off today?”
ha ha ha – haven’t decided if I’ll post them yet #@!*

1. before surgery 2. home after surgery 3. home after chemo next day 4. scar and bruising of surgery post 2 weeks
4 stages of infuser port surgery