Round 4 Posts

Day 4

Journal entry by deb mesecke — 

Met with new  Surgeon this morning. She was great. Surgery booked for February 8th! In terms of what that surgery will involve will depend on the clinic review of my case but definitely a full mastectomy and lymhpectomy or complete removal of. Double doable but most likely won’t happen At the same time. Radiotherapy seems to be definitely on the cards due to my type of tumour after mastectomy.   Reconstruction with the tummy tuck has been discussed and I’ve been given a referral to a plastic surgeon which I’ll touch base with next week. That takes place about a year after radiotherapy when scar tissue heals.
Everything is falling into place nicely. I’m weary but excited for the future. Can’t wait for our cruise. I can now eat all I want….the more I eat the bigger my new boobs.
Looking forward to a visit from an old dear friend this arvo….Amy Ellis

Day 2

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Round 4 Cycle 2 Day 1

Journal entry by deb mesecke — 

Big news is boobs on cruise!  Turns out after cycle 4 (not 3) of Epirubicin & Cyclophosphamide, on my next 3 week cycle I  begin 12 weeks of weekly chemo and 3 weekly Herceptin (a HER 2 protein blocker, which is the protein causing my cells to mutate to cancer…..maybe. WTFK). Which will take me literally to new years eve. If Ur confused, don’t worry so am I. Basically as a patient U get drip fed information unless U are asking all the right questions.  Oncologist is now using words like “if” I still need radiotherapy…..assuming if lump completely reduces I may not need it??……. Another question to ask!  Any how’s I then get a three week break before surgery which I will spend on my cruise!  Yeeha. Might even have a little bit of hair because according to the nurses the 2nd protocol of chemo (Pacataxel) doesn’t usually effect hair loss. Daf may not make the cruise!! but we’ll see.
So to recap: versions of chemo up until the end of the year. Then cruise. Then surgery (will know more on this when I meet surgeon Thursday). Then radiotherapy?? And continue on 3 weekly Hercepton till approximately July 2019 while also taking an oral hormone blocker (which will continue for 5 to 10 years). Chemo will progressively sap my energy and effect me accordingly.  We’ll see about that too.
Lauren; it’s so much busier today than Tuesday… is just like the movies where everyone chats xx