Fool me once, but cannot fool me twice

table near pool in early morning sun

Am I 39 or 51?

I’m trying to decide

It’s really not that dumb

Does surviving cancer add or divide


No: it’s not chemo brain

But a valid question in my mind

Does 6 years of cancer treatment

Take away your age or find


Six years you say and if you do

You have already forgotten

The three year CML sentence

I started in nineteen ninety seven (it was actually 95)…….


It must reduce my age

I’m thinking optimistic

Cause at the end of this, I’ll have big tits

and a stomach that’s ballistic


That makes me really 20

If I believe my own hype

Forty is the new twenty

And they have body’s that are ripe


That’s right you heard it here

It will be three years till done

The year 2020 is when the

Reconstruction real, it will become


Quite dismayed at time frames laid

But remembering my luck

I have the chance and ability

to take on and conquer all this muck


Some are not as fortunate to have the full attack

Some have no further options, and for some it does not work

For me, I’m blessed, they’re pulling all the stops

Wack, crap, zap, re-stack with a nip, tuck bonus quirk


Believing cure is the inspiration

And free boob job doesn’t go astray

Feeling like YOLO, You only live once

MUST have fun along the way


So don’t think a three year time frame

Is a verdict I must endure

It’s actually an honour, a privilege

To be happy, healthy, whole and still here


And don’t you dare feel sorry for me

I have proven I can keep up

Cause every treatment I have

Is turning me younger, like a pup


It might be Gin &Tonics

Or it’s dancing to 80/90’s songs

Whether it’s building a website or winning tennis!

I have more where that came from!


Happy Days xxx

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