Half way through first fight

Racing round the track
With one foot on the brake
Taking the scenic route
To experience the ache

Do ya speaka da language
No, I sprecken de Deutch
You don’t speaka da English?
Excusemwa pardon my french

As confusing as it is
I should have a degree
I have a bachelor in nothing
But a Masters in dis-ease

My Specialists are “on board” with my plan
Despite my treatment being complex & immense
I comprehend the lyrics
But the tune just doesn’t make sense

Todd thinks I rush into things
Work profile suggests I’m an implementer
Cheryl calls me a control freak
I rated high as also a coordinator

It’s no surprise I’m writing a blog
My need to share is obsessive
I also rated high on team work
And topped the charts on expressive!

I think these traits are finely tuned
I know what I need as years go by
I say what I mean without being mean
Authentic Deb, my alibi

I don’t need a body to feel beautiful
I don’t need a job to be a success
All I need to love myself
Is to accept me for me. Bless xx

When you find that place of inner strength
And accept the struggle is purposeful
You learn that step by stepping stone step
The journey is extra ordinarily remarkable xx