Round 3

Infuser port day surgery today. Having a lovely sleep in prior to rocking up at 12pm allocated “checkin” time….when who should call, but my oncologist of course – to advise a change in plan!!

For the better actually.  Now I’m on preferred treatment plan. My  oncologist was previously erring on the side of caution due to previous cancer treatment I have endured, but my amazing hematologist Prof Tim Hughes contacted my oncologist after I had emailed him and he had found my files and informed oncologist my previous protocol was very different so shouldn’t affect future treatment. That happened Friday so she called me this morning to advise. changes are:
Two x cytotoxic chemo’s once every 3 weeks for 4 rounds
Then different chemo reverting to once a week where Hercepton will be added every 3rd week. Plan to finish chemo still at the end of the year.
Surgery & radiotherapy plan remains the same. Should still be good for cruise though.
Hercepton will still continue for 6 months into new year.