The courage to move forward

I now feel it’s time to thank each & everyone of u that have faithfully followed me on my journey thus far. I have been humbled by the generosity, the food angels, your tears, thoughts & prayers, your ‘likes’, your words of encouragement, your faith, belief, positivity and above all, your friendship. From those newly met to those who knew me from when I was 3. I thank you all. From school friends, family friends, work mates, family & friends of friends! Its brought me the courage to do something I’ve thought about for more than 30 years, and that’s to write. Armed with my RSB system trainer role, its given me the confidence I am a quick learner, not totally IT  inept and have something to offer. Given Foster’s footy come Sunday will be finished, so will my beautiful distraction. Also given I have KO’d this tumor (well undetectable on ultrasound anyway) I think it’s timely I embark on a new adventure. I still have a long road to go with my treatment plan so will certainly be keeping my updates going but have decided to do so in my website (still under construction so don’t get cranky if things don’t work properly). I would be forever grateful if u’ve followed me here [Caring Bridge] you continue to follow me on

My creative juices will be flowing with some books I’ve been working on too.

Hope to see you there. Thanks again. Couldn’t have done any of this without you xx Happy days.