TGIF Chapter 13

It’s six thirty, I’ve fed the dog and the child and I’m tapping my fingers for Troy to get home from work.  I’ve got grey hot pants on and my fluro green lycra gym top, ready for my evening workout.  Tonight we have to be there by 7pm because we are doing a  fifty kilometer ride to raise money for cancer awareness.  Seven teams of three are participating.  Not only that but our team of three, Zo, Jed and myself, have to beat Jazzie’s team of three, her, Shallow Mark and the owner Springsteen. We only need kudos for beating that team…for obvious reasons.  Although we have started being more friendly with JPT, there is still an underlying rivalry, and well, I don’t know if you’ve guessed yet, but I’m fairly competitive no matter what I do, whether it’s SingStar, group fitness or playing bloody cards.


“Thank God, I’ve gotta do a warm up yet before I get started”

“Good luck” Troy wishes me, as he gives me a peck on the cheek.

“You better be in bed by the time I get home monkey” I give Dash a squeeze as I race out the door.


“Thought you’d never get here” Zoe reprimands me as I race through the gym door, knocking over the protein display with my gym bag and nearly misplacing my foot on a rolling tin.  Now if that had been Zo…….

“So sorry everyone, I thought Troy was never going to get home”

“No time for apologies now, just get on that bike and go warm up Jay” instructs Jed


I do as I’m told as JPT saddles up beside me.

“So I just have to ask, did you ever find out why Zoe was with at the Hilton that time?”

I just look at her puzzled

“You know, when I told you I saw her with a guy, I remembered his name by the way, I heard her say Troy”

“Okay everyone, time to choose your number in the team. Race starts in 5 minutes” yells Springsteen

“Good luck” Jazzie says with a coy smile, as she hops off the bike “May the best team win”

“May we indeed” I retort



Subject: ride for a cause

Hey Jay

I can’t believe we won Ride for cause last night. Of course I knew we were an awesome team and Jed would inspire us (yum, bike shorts, he didn’t disappoint!) but to think we whipped the skanky asses of JPT, Shallow Mark AND Springsteen – Well everyone as a matter of fact coming first!  We rock! 50km in 73.06 minutes, that’s a 38.5kph AVERAGE. Reckon we were both at 45kph when Jed was hovering with hands on our cores!!! JPT was so jealous, couldn’t get Jed’s attention if she tried, and on and off again Shallow Mark seemed to not be paying her much attention either.  Jed was so focused on us (am sure mainly because we looked so hot, not because he wanted to win… LOL)




subject: ride for a cause

I know Zo, we are legends in our own time. Did you hear that Jazzie’s team plan to ride again to try and beat our time. Springteen thinks it’s a blight on his gym name if he doesn’t win.  How pathetic is that??!

I mean FFS, you did PT and 18km run that morning, I did double classes (Step & Pump), we’d do even better if rested and really competing. They are “losers” whichever way you look at it!”  He should be complimenting Jed for the great work he’s done with his clients fitness!

BTW – is your vajajay sore???




Subject: ride for a cause

Big time – was just complaining about it to Luke.  So glad your sore knee held up, imagine the time you would have done if fully fit!