Meet the Press

Todd has seen the wig bill !

I met oncologist today and we talked about protocol. Hercepton for 12 months  (who knew female fat cells produce estrogen even with no ovaries).  Well Dr’s obviously did silly. Chemo for 6 rounds so if all goes well that will be done by October & surgery b4 cruise (I know I know. …fake waterproof boobs on cruise doesn’t quite have the same ring to it). Here’s hoping I can sneak in the radiotherapy b4 the cruise too, then it really will be a celebration.

Oncologist agrees tumor already reduced (by feel) since stopping the pill. Just confirming it was estrogen driven and fed…so response to Hercepton should be amazing.
Will require a year of self injections of HGH (human growth hormone) (more like Sly everyday) to assist with neutrophil & white cell growth. Nurse asked if I thought I could manage this…ha ha ha….let’s see now, Interferon for 18mths/Repromed pre work up for 1 mth. Emphatically replied YES. Regrettably I will be on steroids again..maybe 8mg as opposed to 120mg…so hopefully puffy will not be 16kg worth like 20 years ago. Nurse also proceeded to tell me what neutrophil & white blood cells do…all I need to know is how to spell it.  I did my blood & hematology masters in 1997! wowee 20 years and its come to this. Cue Rocky theme music. LFC ladies I think I know what movie we are watching in our PJ’s!!
Feeling pumped & ready to fight.