Food Angels

Since the very moment I told my friends, family & colleagues of my new challenge I have had nothing but support, love, kindness & and of course food angels!

You’ve done enough peeps, time to stop the deliveries but I will be forever grateful. I can’t list everyone here that has shown an act of kindness, you know who you are, but I will make a special mention to the food angels.

Paul – the day I found out he came around with wine and cheese and Cheryl joined us and we laughed and I have to say it was one of my very favourite days ever

Lauren – food three weekly (votes for Jacob’s cookies) and there on my very first chemo treatment

Amy – special deliveries left in my shed on ice, not wanting recognition but leaving gifts and at least three meals at a time (apricot chicken, yum, votes for banana cake)

Tina – Italian pasta sauce, & kindness and special bonds (and thank you for bring me & Ljubicia together for coffee) – thanks for the massage voucher Ljubicia

Sue, Jo (OMG the Lasagna was amazing), Cheryl, Dan (yes of course chips & wine count), Elaine, Michelle, Kim, Rommi, (Paige & Donna left overs from Rocky night) & if I have forgotten anyone please please forgive me,

I love you all and I love all the people that have sent thoughts, prayers, hopes, pos vibes and everything in between.  Thank you so much