My Grateful Letter

Dearest Todd

I want you to know how much I love you and appreciate everything you have brought to this relationship not just recently but for the last 29 years. As I am literally typing this U come and ask me if I want some scrambled eggs, then in true form force me to give U a gram measurement of how much I would like. Your humour and of course your devilish good looks are what first attracted me. Nothing’s changed there.
Who knew you would be the one to save for our deposit on our house, still marry me when I was diagnosed with leukeamia and financially support me in those early years when we were supposed to be working hard to pay off a mortgage. U never complained, (except when I bought something), which was often.
Those early years saw me putting food back on the shelf because there was only so much money in my purse, so much stress with bills and sickness and wanting and not having. You saw me through it all.
You comforted me when we could never have our own children and you convinced me adopting would be COOL.
You taught me statistics were just numbers and you tolerated my ideals of positive thinking, yoga, meditation & seminars from the weird & wonderful.
And here you are again..not just supporting me but taking control….
The washing, the tidying, the cleaning, the cooking, the shopping while still working, taking care of Fos, making his lunches, driving him to school, coaching his footy and taking care of me. Still after all these years, calling my bald head sexy!
I appreciate your tenderness, your humour, your ability to get on with it.
You’re a fabulous father, an amazing husband and a true blue family man.
You love your mum, you’re a great coach (the boys are lucky to have you), you’re a smart and loyal colleague and make friends wherever you go. I am proud to call you my hubby (ha ha private joke).
I am grateful the universe brought us together and I am grateful for you. You make me a better person.
Btw I bought some shoes (kidding)
Go U 14 LFC!! Nothing would make Todd happier than to bring home a premiership in 3 weeks.
Love my life.
All my love Deb xx
Ahh and here are my eggs….. as  you try to stab me with a fork😍