Round 3 Fight Night Locked & Loaded

Round 3 set to take place on 17th July. All the pre-match entertainment is outlined below:

Press Conference – tomorrow I sign consent forms for infuser port & do a yoga session with the best yoga instructor I know (AKA Mimi T, my sister-in-law)
Weigh in – Friday I have heart echo gram and wig shopping (& maybe a few wines or 3 with the bday girl Cheryl)
Hard Core Training – booking in for my pixie cut Saturday unless I get a better offer for a wanna be hairdresser in training b4 hand
Meet the Press – Monday 9th I meet with oncologist to learn exact chemo regime,  oncology nurse for info pack, hospital admission and no holds barred reality check…though even she agrees it will be a walk in the park compared to my previous treatment
Final weigh in – Monday 16th day surgery for infuser port
Round 3 ding ding – Tuesday 17th first chemo likely up to 6 hours. Feel free to watch.  I’ll get u ring side seats xx
Looking forward to getting in the ring & punching on Rocky style. Not how hard u get hit but how much u can take & keep moving forward – THAT’S HOW WINNING IS DONE  (Caite & Jay feel free to amend my quote where required).
The positives of this journey so far:
so much friggen love coming my way, new hair style with no guilt of giving up growing it, reduced to 3 day work week (who’s not gonna love that), Chemo starts AFTER 90’s night (Lolly AKA Lauren u owe me 4 vodka & raspberries on the night ), & after Thursday night Crows Footy, yay.
Positives to look forward to:
perky tits with no bra!
my first tat eva!
no periods!!
no body fat….I will be telling plastic surgeon he is to use ALL unrequired body fat for the re-build!