Round 6

Mass is gone!!

Apparently the lump I can feel now is scar tissue. How good is that?  Makes all the feelings of crap over the last few months absolutely worth it. ooah ooah!
No change in plan going forward.  It’s all playing out as oncologist and surgeon expected.
I’m sitting here currently having my 4th round of Cyclophosphamide & Epirubicin. Last one of this protocol. Yeeha. The next round starting in 3 weeks is going to be a breeze.  I just need a heart scan b4 the Hercepoin & Pacataxal starts.
My ct showed no blood clots and my bone scan was all clear. My haemoglobin is 100 today so getting low, but still able to progress with treatment.
AND my contract with RSB got extended till the end of the year.
I am starting a blog (doing some website training tomorrow). So please follow me /  Once I work out what I’m doing it will include some fiction as well.
See ya for Round 7 unless there’s any news in between xx