Final Posts for Round 3

had to happen the Mesecke way

Journal entry by deb mesecke — 

When it starts blowing out in the wind, you know it’s time!

not long now

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Stop and smell the roses

Journal entry by deb mesecke — 

Had a beautiful visit from a special friend today. Met when our boys were in kindy. Luv u Jo C.
Made me realise though while I’m on this journey so are all if you and maybe, just maybe ur not doing so well. If that’s the case don’t be afraid to tell me. And I won’t be offended if u need a break from me. The beauty of this blog is I don’t know if u have or haven’t read it. U choose what’s right for u. But I can assure u I say it how it is. I’m not putting on a brave face….I am genuinely doing well (and no, neither have I lost my mind).
I did an amazing meditation Sunday (please note meditation can heal your life where medication can not). It spoke of happiness not being defined by what happens to you but instead by how u choose to deal with it. Don’t deny your feelings or resent them, rather accept them, acknowledge them, then make a conscious decision on putting positive energy into what you are grateful for.
Love to all who are on this journey with me xx

Day 12

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It’s started!!
Or is that just a result from the night b4??

Day 9

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Back at work and feeling good. Yesterday saw me at the gym in the morning and receiving a most thoughtful and heart warming visit from Rom in the arvo.

On reflection I believe my “heavy heart” was simply my port healing inside my skin and inside my vein (where the catheter rests).

Looking forward to a few weeks of bliss before I hit the ring for Round 4.