TGIF Chapter 12


Sent;                2nd October


Organised SingStar for Friday night cause boys are out, then got on scales this morning and saw I’d put on 1.6 kilos in 2 days!!!!!

Cancelled SingStar this morning cause can’t afford nibbles and drinking all night and possibly not being able to make gym Saturday morning because too hung over.

Am I getting obsessed???


Text:  Jay, u alive? Haven’t seen u since I left script in your letter box after gym Monday

Text: just – nearly coughed up a lung after Jed worked me beyond all belief.  After I spoke to you I turned off my phones and have slept for 2 days – what day is it?

Text: It’s only Tuesday Jay

Text: well it felt like 2 days – I’m not just the dancing queen, I’m the drama queen too – ha – that made me laugh now I’m coughing up the other lung.  Don’t make me laugh Zo.

Text: u made yourself laugh looser

Text; so where’s my chicken soup – aren’t bf’s supposed to bring chicken soup?

Text: I gave you drugs, that trumps chicken soup

Text; umph – I’m not sulking I’m just sad cause as you know, no matter how ill I am I don’t lose my appetite. I’m gonna be a balloon when I get back into it.

Text: go sit outside, it’s like a summer’s day today

Text: I am outside – just sent you email re my birthday invite.  Tell me what you think.  Btw real weird but Troy said he’s claiming my personal mobile, so I only have my work one now.  He said it’s because he’s giving it out at work for his new job for his clients to contact him.  Hope he remembers to charge it.


Sent;                4th October

Jay’s Turning 40

So come dressed as your favourite famous 80’s icon and enjoy a night of dancing, singing and frivolity – it’s her last chance for a dirty 30 flirty