Round 3 Almost Complete

So important day today & hubby wakes up with a rotten cold. Not wanting to infect an entire chemotherapy ward….. Super Lauren to the rescue complete with food for the freezer, food for the day, cards, board games, find a words (my favourite) & colouring in books and pencils. As it turns out my updated protocol means my regime is not as long per visit as expected. Now correct me if I’m wrong Lauren but it goes something like this…” bounce bounce bounce, bounce bounce bounce, now I’m not trying to be rude but hey pretty girl I’m feelin’ U”……..whats that about chemo brain for short term memory but still being able to remember all the lyrics from my fav 90’s songs(Ignition)! Any way I digress, but Cheryl the memory loss is real & only gonna get worse so suggest U buy that back pack lead.

My new regime is 8mg of dexmethsone IV (steroid). An anti-nausea capsule, free flowing IV of 1st chemo drug Epiru

pictures of Deb having chemo and lunch after with friend and of friend buying back pack lead for me
Bring on Round 3

bicin about 10 mins (very red wee thanks for the heads up). Then about 45 minutes of 2nd chemo Cyclophosphamide. Saline drip in between each, whole process took about 2 hours. I continue to take steroids for next 2 days halving each day. In 24 hours I do my first Neulasta injection to stimulate white cell production ready for next chemo hit. I have to be infection free and white cells have to be right for planned schedule to move forward and get me on that cruise.
My next chemo is 6th Aug & next appointment with my new surgeon is the 8th Aug.  Should have a clearer picture of  major surgery date after that.
Thanks for helping with wigs & scarves today Lauren & it’s agreed going back for 3rd wig in a few weeks.