Day surgery

Well I’m due to go home in 15 minutes. Infusaport out and that chapter closed.

Had a great sleep while on the table… wish I could get my hands on that at bedtime as I don’t sleep well on occasion, which btw also adds to visceral tummy fat!

My blood pressure has been low all really low (90/65), funny since I take hypertensive medication. I noticed on 3rd day of no carbs I felt ill, a bit light headed, like I had sunstroke (which was possible). I’ve dropped one tablet since I started chemo because that can lower blood pressure. Hopefully that’s pemanent considering my cancer treatment 21 years ago (next Thursday I might add) gave me my high blood pressure in the first place. I must keep an eye on that on my new diet, who knows, maybe I’ll get to reduce my meds!…… hold on nurse here ….

Neg that, just had final obs and it seems to be returning to normal…probably just me rebelling from an early morning rise.

Had my first bit of refined carbs today in a sandwich from the hospital, not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it had protein and veg in every triangle so winner winner. 3 bits of highly sucrose laiden fruit for dessert, and I gotta say, my first cravings in a week now. Maybe there is something in this cutting of sugar and carbs! Cut the sugar, cut the cravings. And have to say I did LOVE my chilli crispy chicken and creamy broccoli last night (boys not so much but you can’t please everyone).

One of the recovery nurses had a full on fight with the ward staff about collecting patients while I was in recovery. Couldn’t help but think she may need a holiday, because neither ward nor recovery seemed that busy.

Happy days xx

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