TGIF Chapter 3


SENT: 14th July

OMG Zo You would not believe what I did this morning at the gym.  Because it’s school holidays I took Dash to crèche with me.  Well I did my P.T. session with Jed (lifted 150kg squat press and had a laugh about our weekends) then did Attack – kicked but all over the perky young ones that come in over school holidays and of course jumped in my car and drove home – DID YOU HEAR ME!! I JUMPED IN MY CAR AND DROVE HOME.

When I got home I realised what I’d done so dove back to collect my child – luckily Dash didn’t notice, she just thought I was “doing an extra long session Mummy?”.  I felt so bad I took her to the shops on the way home and bought her a Beanie Kid and told her it was for the start of the school holidays.  Now I’m the best mum in the world……if only she knew.



SENT: 15th July

Zo, Guess who just requested to be my friend on facebook?  Christopher Tarrent!  OMG he is so hot.  You should see his profile picture.  He’s in California making movies and I thought he just did drama in high school to get out of the academic classes like the rest of the his drop kick friends did.  I should have given him more than a week to prove himself before I dropped him in high school.

Anyway, my new motto is EVERYTHING MATTERS.  Every morsel of food I put in my pie hole, every workout on my bingo wings, every training session on my pins – it will all make a difference.  So no more wine and cheese Friday’s.

LOL as if!  Everything matters except wine and cheese Friday.

J xx


SENT: 16th July

Zo, Just had an amazing boxing session with Jed.  It was hard.  That was the warm up and then when I thought we were finished we did a burn round. OMG – backed it up with Body Attack of course.


Luv J xx


SENT: 16th July

Hey Zo, Jed was all over me today in PT after RPM.  Poking my glutes to make sure they were switched on, my stomach to get me to brace my core.  Jeez, it was all I could do to not scream, yes, yes, YEEEES!!!  Ok, so no orgasm, but by the end I was hot and flustered.  Sign of a good work out I say.

My new motto is BELIEVE IT.  Yeah that’s it.  Just believe it and make it real girl friend.  I DO believe I am 52 kg and 18% body fat!!  WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?



SENT: 16th July

Hey Jay

Just sitting here with my glass of Scarpatone Schoolblock… I know I know, so much for my resolve to abolish alcohol for the week, but it’s winter god damn it, and was just reflecting on RPM class this morning. Can’t believe there weren’t 2 bikes next to each other at front – think it’s a conspiracy to stop us chatting during work out. Just like school legal studies eh?

What was that dribble about a month off alcohol and junk food? Who does that? WTFW would we choose to deprive ourselves now of all times of year. Actually ever???? You feel me?  Oh JPT would of course agree and do, stealing our prime bike posy too.

Anyhow absolutely determined to get into this EMST study tonight. BTW – stands for Early Management of Severe Trauma. Would love to severely traumatise Jazzy. (Love ya), Zo Xxx

PS – in response to your last 3 e-mails, 1 – Chris Tarrent, no way!! Just googled, you’re right he is hot. 2- I THINK I can look trimmed, tanned and pass for 30(ish) in a bikini again by summer 3- I BELIEVE when I do hop back on those god forsaken scales I’ll still be sub 45 kilos.


SENT: 16th July

Good to see your positive attitude shining through

RE JPT – Meow, claws away! You hate conflict let me do the traumatising

BTW Dog missing again, called the person who left a message on my answering machine to say I’d pick him up (she found him on a walk with her own dog and he followed her home). She said don’t worry she’d bring him around after I told her my address.  I’m standing out the front waiting for him and he’s sitting in the passenger seat like King Dick!  Saunters into the house like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Unbelievable.



SENT: 20th July

OMG Zoe – WTF – I saw you in the cardio room at the gym this morning.  Now I know we both have our issues with JPT but you also know my first love is music and for the last time it’s DOOF DOOF not THUMP THUMP, anyway…it was neither, it was just loud music with a beat, and you had your head phones in anyway.  If you  couldn’t hear your own music you should have just turned your Ipod up (or don’t Ipods go that loud, APPLE lover)…LOL, anyway saw you turn the stereo down twice and her turn it back up louder each time, thrice, then quite frankly the two of you were embarrassing having your little hand slapping fight near the stereo….if you’re not careful you’re gonna get the stereo banned, then I’ll be furious with you.  I have to say, you were both the talk of the body balance session upstairs.  The giggles went on for half the class then started again at relaxation.  Everyone was asking me what was wrong with you… So what’s wrong with you?  I did hear JPT say “you may be known as Energiser Bunny, but you don’t own the gym Zoe” and turn the music up, that’s when your hand fight started and when I escaped to body balance.

Hope you’re OK.  See you tonight before we head to Perth.