My Pity Poem (WARNING-E.O. L.)

This sux dogs balls
A real S.O.B
I really hate cancer
And wish it leave me be
I hate to have to do this
All over again
But I hate being a victim more
So I refuse to be one of themI told my son I’d lose my hair
A definite, not a chance
He tapped my head, said “bye bye hair”
& did the looser dance!

My family always make me laugh
They have & always will
But hubby says “keep working,
Cause we have to pay the bills”

I’ve done my time, done my crime
Isn’t that enough?
Feeling angry, feeling violated
Feeling tired, but remaining tough

Trapped by the past,
Todd stresses over money
Only to be haunted now
I say “don’t worry honey”

20 years he’s worked real hard
To try and get ahead
But reminding him, it could be worse
I guess I could be dead

I’ve been so happy living a whole life
Tick tick tick tick tick
Feeling like I’ve won the lottery
But never received the cheque

Thinking the injustice
Is giving me the shits, it’s like
CHRISTMAS DAY: * Santa Clause you fucking cunt
Where’s my fucking bike

As this mother fucker
Takes my hair and takes my breast
I ask myself upon reflection
“Have I done my best?”

**Have I been a good person?
Have I lived a good life?
Fuck this, leaving pity city now
Ding ding – Round 2, it’s bloody time to fight

*Kevin Bloody Wilson ** Saving Private Ryan