After 6 months of the unknown, I recently received the phone call I’ve been waiting for. My haematologist finally called to advise, the removal of my parathyroid gland (all half a gram of it), all be it ‘enlarged’, was what had caused the macrocytosis (fat blood cells). Relieved, after mildly sweating bullets, that it was not a sign of MDS *Myloidedysplasia syndrome (caused through major anti cancer treatment and a prelude to possible blood cancer like luekemia).

I have suffered from overactiveparathyroidism for 20 years but it has never caused any significant issues. After having gone through this surgery to remove it about 5 weeks ago, which immediately fixed the calcium in my blood, I’ve been waiting on the results to see if it fixed the macrocytosis.
Results = All blood cells
Dr Hiwaze is very chuffed he’s identified this as the cause rather than MDS (being his specialty).
He explained it took years to manifest in the bone marrow which is why bloods did not show it sooner.

Meanwhile, I launched my Wellness Frequency Wellness Cancer Coaching & Mentoring business on Facebook after graduating from Cert IV Life Coaching.

To round out the year I finally got my tattoos, to represent my stamp on all of this nonsense being put behind me. It’s of purple to cornflower blue and green leafed magnolias and emerging butterflies wrapping over my mastectomy and lat dorsal back muscle scars. Purple and green representing good health and good luck. Thanks to Pink Lotus and artist Aleisha for an amazing peice of art work I now have forever.

I feel now is agood time to thankyou all for following my journey from Caring Bridge to here, since mid 2018 and to say goodbye.

I invite you all to follow my new journey on Facebook Wellness Frequency

Picture of Wellness Frequency Facebook page

I believe that’s a wrap. Looking forward to the rest of my life and being the narrator of my own story, while being defined not by my past, but by visions of the future

Over and out

Happy days xx

Fresh tattoo of my back
A teaser of one of my mastectomy tattoos.

Another year another surgery

Deb Emogi of 2 thumbs the F#@! Up

I estimate I have had, on average, approximately 1 surgery every 18 months of my adult life. Today was number 15 unless I’ve forgotten some.

I am in ICU and managing pain nicely and being treated like a queen. My 1 out of 4 hyperactive parathyroid gland was removed about 8.30 this morning and I was in recovery by 10am back in ICU at 11am. Todd popped in and visited for an hour about 12.30.

I am restricted to ice chips at the moment and genuinely looking forward to food, maybe tomorrow, I’m told.😳🥴

The biggest hope for this surgery outcome is to feel better than I’ve ever felt before, in my adult life. Correct me if I’m wrong Dan with this quip, but this should weed out some or most of the issues with ‘bones, stones, intestinal groans and psychiatric moans’.

Last night, wanting to relax pre op, our TV died, the boys beat it’s dead body to confirm death to vent all our frustrations ! However I was advised I cannot upload the evidence🙄. Foster to the rescue again by, lending us his big screen smart TV till we have time and cash to buy a new one.

In other news during our 10 week ‘R &R’ time away in Clare, saw Todd stay over night in the hospital on two occasions with suspected kydney stones, to be further advised by doctor on return home, after a chest xray, that he also had/has walking pneumonia. WTF😷

A client recently told me, if you got your health, you got money in the bank. I agreed more a truer word never been said. But on the flip side, my alternative is grimmer than being financially stretched, so I continue to put my big girl pants on, swallow some cement and suck it up princess.

In all honesty I’m feelin’ good as hell just bloody starving, and FOMOING the delicious sunside I can see outside.

Happy days xx


Diamond art drinks and empty jelly shots

Just a quick update and some good news. My parathyroid surgery is booked for 21st October where they will remove the one enlarged gland causing hyperparathyroidism. I saw the heomotologist today and although I still have slight macrocytosis he is very confident it’s caused by the hyperparathyroidism. He will see me again, 4 weeks after surgery with the hope my blood parameters have returned to normal. He did note there was significant increase in my water intake!

Needless to say I am celebrating my amazing luck and practising gratitude, especially considering the recent news from a number of friends and aquantences I’ve learnt have just been given the C diagnosis. One of my good previous breast cancer comrands has just been diagnosed with a second unrelated breast cancer. What the! Leave us alone, once us enough. Twice is just cruel. Feeling for my friend with such tremendous love.

In the meantime, I am close to launching Wellness Frequency, completing my life coaching qualification and considering decommissioning this blog and moving it to my business FB page. I’ll keep you updated.

I am currently thoroughly enjoying my role at RSB (Royal Society of the Blind) as Aged Care Support Facilitator, chatting to our aged care clients every day and making a difference in their lives by supporting them with kind words, hopes and referrals where we can see benefit will be achieved.

I have also rediscovered x stitch a great relaxing pass time infront of tv and in addition I have discovered great art called diamond art or diamond darts, a combo of x stitch and I paint by numbers. Im loving it and heard of it through one of my clients. I’m so plodding away at penning my novel. So all in all, while building my business brand, I am keeping very busy.

During this time I have also seen the RSB Optom as a patient, where I have been advised my cataracts (which I knew I had and was pre warned would be a side effect before my transplant) are very old. I am also at risk if glaucoma and macropathy but I am in good hands. My heomotologist today informed me patents have gone blind from complications of bone marrow transplants. So once again, one more reason to be grateful and feel blessed for still being here.

I recently counted over 20 people I know personally having been diagnosed with cancer under the age of 50. It’s a shocking statistic. I also recently made an A4 page of my illnesses, ailments, conditions and diseases and backed it up with 2 full pages of treatments. I mention this only because it made me realise how freaking good I’m doing, not even taking my 3 pages of ill health history into account. And for all of that, it is truly…

Happy Days xx

Plot change

Todd wearing a t-shirt that says. I never thought I’d end up marrying the perfect wife, but here I am living the dream.

Smack bang in the middle of lockdown and I have to say, I’m seriously considering forcing myself into one every 6 months! I’m refreshed, renewed, distressed, detoxed, enjoying my family’s company, walking the dog, yoga with hubby, Olympics and jigsaws. What more could you ask for. While I appreciate not everyone is coping as well as I, most have to admit it’s nice to slow down with no FOMO, and at the very least get some jobs done around the house.

Mind you my boys have been so bored they are plotting a new gym room and moving Foster’s bedroom into my formal lounge….

On the health front it turns out my first endocrinologist appointment is set for November. It’s a good thing I once again advocated to my oncologist, which in turn has booked a nuclear scan and ultrasound for my parathyroid and follow up appointment with my surgeon, within the next two weeks. Chances are I’ll have this thing resolved before I even meet with endocrinologist. This is why I have private health insurance. I ain’t got time for dat. (Waiting for the public system that is)

It’s confirmed it is major surgery but we’ll cross that bridge when come to it.

Meanwhile my Dryish Julyish challange is going well, still on track and have even picked up a few hitch hikers on the way to join the cause. Ha ha (thanks Lol and Mel)

Oh I’m being summoned for a family walk…..catch ya on the flip side….

Happy days xx

Moving Trains & Rainbows

Hi peeps. Long story but here’s the update.

Specialist is thinking MACROCYTOSIS (enlarged red blood cells) is caused by my parathyroid. This is different to the thyroid and sits in the neck, and regulates hormones as part of the endocrine system. The good news is my lymphocytes and monocytes (immature blood cells) are back in normal range, so therefore, although he is not 100% ruling MDS out yet (a type of blood cancer mostly caused by anti cancer treatment), he is cautiously optimistic and referring me back to my endocrinologist from 20 years ago.

I have had calcium in my blood results for decades and during my recent chemo, my surgeon tested further and did a nuclear parathyroid scan, discovering a problem and wanting me to undergo surgery to partially remove some of it. At that stage my oncologist and me jointly decided to leave it and watch. And as over the last 20 years, the blood results continued to swing between normal and high calcium in the blood. I am having trouble remembering what removing a parathyroid results in or how it will effect me, but this time I refuse to google. What I do remember, is it being complex and concerning, which was why I opted out. But it’s not as concerning as cancer.

So bottom line is, he is going to keep reviewing me until parathyroid issue is resolved, as that, he is hoping, will be the answer to solving the blood issue. OR if it proves not to be that, then and only then will he order a bone marrow biopsy to confirm MDS.

In the meantime he said reduce my alcohol and drink more!😳 The alcohol reduction is because macrocytosis can be caused by alcoholism, so I guess he wants to rule that out, but I don’t think I’m an excessive drinker, although I know I can cut down, and as it turns out I have been trying more recently. I have also been trying to drink 2 litres of water daily, so now I will just need to increase that. I’ve been researching an Ayuveda Retreat, so attendance there will definitely help me abide by doctors directions. I asked said Dr what is an acceptable reduction and don’t say ‘zero’ and he replied ‘three’. I nearly choked and questioned ‘three a week?’ I said can they at least be big glasses, and he said ‘no’. I asked him how much water was ‘more water?’ and he said ‘3 litres’. So when he said to me ‘don’t worry too much’ I was not game to ask him ‘how much was too much?’ as I hadn’t liked the first 3 answers very much.

I know I am in perfect hands. He is thorough, fully invested in my outcomes and a perfectly lovely man. He said he’d hit the books and look into the parathyroid before my next appointment. He told me Professor Hughes has been asking about me and I’m so grateful that Professor referred me to the MDS SPECIALIST, and I’m pretty sure he’s doing Hughes a favour by keeping me in his reviews clinic. I’m so lucky. If I had not advocated for myself and contacted my heomotologist, I believe it could’ve taken over a year to diagnose something like this with its complexity.

So starting Saturday 10th July, I am beginning the Deb’s Dryish Julyish Challenge and my sister in law (Mimi) and my husband, have kindly offered to do it with me. For 4 weeks – 3 glasses of alcohol per week and 3 litres of water a day, stopping on Saturday 7th August (Mimi’s birthday). Anyone wanting to join me on my challenge, we just FB Messenger every night, our water and our alcohol consumption. Saturday to Saturday is the cycle.

Happy days xx

I’d like to welcome you all to the Debinem show

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the last 3 weeks and tonight we are coming down off an adrenalin fueled flight or fight response our bodies plunged into. But on reflection I have to admit I’ve been in this chemical mode most of my life. Such a damaging space to live.

For once, I’m going to restrain from sharing the dirty details. Its complicated, its scary and its just not that important. Except I will say my professor from my original bone marrow transplant 1997 is truly a remarkable human being. I am still in the process to rule out MDS (google if you want, but I intend to give it no energy & personally confident it won’t be that) but felt very VIP when my professor referred me on to his PHD prodigy who squeezed me in within 5 days notice to see me on a non clinic day. And I have to say going to the new RAH was a much more pleasant experience, complete with live grand piano, pianist!, compared to the old drab rabbit burrow of a building I spent close to a decade visiting with many long haul stays.

A friend said to me yesterday ‘try letting go of your attachment to the outcome’ and it was fucking genius, because a 26 year weight was lifted off my shoulders from this moment, before even seeing my heomotologist today.

I am no longer going to place blame on my self for my dis-ease or put pressure on my self to heal. I am just going to be.

So thanks Eminem for a magnificent song and I’d like to welcome you all to an average day in my life, my DILO. Once you are diagnosed with cancer it never leaves you. The fear, the trauma, the questions the search for answers, it is a lifelong struggle, as is any chronic illness, tragic death, betrayal or most life experiences. I get this, and appreciate every human life and experience has its own story and struggle. My DILO = Every bump, new lump, new pain, new symptom, new drug, new blood test or scan or check up, is a cause for mild panic and catastrophising.

Ahhh, but I take a sigh of relief as I share my new learning. It’s not in finding the answers. The key is learning to find a way to live, never having the answers. Learning to live a fulfilled life, detached from the outcome! I guess that is ultimately the power of the mind. Controlling the ability to not try and control the outcome. Philosophical I know, perhaps best left for another post, some other day.

Happy days xx

Results are in …..

So exactly 3 years and 3 days after finding my lump, today, I got some more news.

Wait for it, the bone pain, or more accurately described, as I put it to her, tenderness, is ……………………. a broken rib 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄 All that fuss over nothing, how embarrassing.

Radioactive for nothing. I could have had an xray!!

Hilarious over reaction but gratefully a completely thorough oncologist 🙄.
I have an old break in my back rib too apparently.
My theory is the surgeons are doing it 😂😅.

Truth was, I wasn’t too worried about the bone scan. Infact it was an off the cuff remark I told my oncologist about my tender ribs, when she started enthusiasticly ordering multiple tests! I was more pissed about my bone density going to crap. But figure my choice is to swap drugs risking uterine cancer, which can be prevented with a hysterectomy rather than remain on the current hormone blocker therapy that will cause osteoporosis but can only be saved, possibly, with yet another drug, is sound. I’m also seriously thankful, she saved my bones in time before they hit rock bottom and are still in normal range. As Dr Dan said, lucky I had a buffer.

They did however find cervical polyps in the ultrasound, which will need to be removed. They did the ultrasound to establish a baseline before starting the new hormone blocker. The ultrasound radiograher did mention my organs were situated ‘quite a lot higher than usual’ . Another thing I’m going to hold the surgeons accountable for 🤣🤣 The lining was good. I’m in discussions with Doc about a hysterectomy but she insists I start tomoxifon for at least a month prior, to ensure I tolerate the drug (or will need to take 2nd option anyway). At that point I will get a referral for a surgeon to remove the whole kit and kaboodle, polyps included!

As for my bloods the BCR-ABL PCR takes weeks to process as it is a complicated test. The rest of the results were unremarkable; Cholesterol, thyroid, liver & kidney function. As suspected my calcium and vitamin D were great and not the cause of the bone decline. Infact the new drug may even help improve the density.

So I hit the gym tonight and now ready for my oncology breast surgeon appointment tomorrow! 💪

In the meantime thank you so much everybody for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. A problem shared is indeed a problem halved.

Happy days xx


I’m sitting once again in a nuclear medicine department while waiting for the nuclear dye to work its way through my body before…yet another…bone scan (the 3rd I’ve had in my life). Anyone who has been sent for a bone scan knows they’re looking for serious sinister shit.

My week started pretty good. I had to see my oncologist on Monday morning for my 6 month review and results from my bone density scan. All my life I’ve had above average density, despite all my medical trauma. Hormone imbalances, fried ovaries, never given birth or breastfed, copious long standing steroids, chemo, radiotherapy, all of which should have rendered me osteoporosis material, well in the negs, over a decade ago. I guess it makes my above average density some what of a mystical miracle.

So I shouldn’t have been that surprised when my luck changed with yesterday’s result, being told I still maintain a now just average density, compared to the common folk (which I fondly attribute to my cheese and milk with chocolate and appetite for the sun, providing me with much needed vitamin D to absorb the calcium), it has dropped by half since being on my hormone blocker. A side affect I was made aware of before starting the protocol of 5 years letrozle followed by 10 years of tomoxifon.

Two options, continue letrozle and combine with infusions of phosphorus, born with its own side effects and risk osteoporosis OR start tomoxifon which can lead to blood clots and possible uterine cancer. Rock and a hard place.

Doc sent me for emergency bloods, ultrasound and bone scan (because I complained about tender ribs – could be metastases she thinks but is not stupid or insensitive enough to voice). I’ve always said I’ll have Hysterectomy when I start tomoxifon I was just not expecting it to be so soon.

I had my blood taken at the hospital and the lovely chatty nurse has to check what a BCR-ABL is before starting (it checks for the Philadelphia abnormal chromosome cancer marker – a test I get biannually to keep tabs on my leukaemia). She then continues to remove the vacuum syringe before she has filled all the vials….bahaha she says, “no one has this many vials, I just forgot”

I then head to my uterine ultrasound in the afternoon, not realising it was an external AND internal ultrasound (I would definitely have lubed up if I’d known, given my lack of hormone production). Oh well grin and bear it. I think to myself. Picture this, an ultrasound stick up me and someone knocks on the door. My radiographer, discreetly peeps her head out, calmly comes back to me and says “there is an emergency evacuation taking place. There’s a fire”… of course there is :). Lucky we were pretty much done.

This morning was the bone scan. Nuclear and radioactive again. An 8.15am start then back at 11am for a 45 to 60 minute scan. RESULTS are in tomorrow.

Happy days xx

The ebs and flows of wellness

I’ve been meditating and visualising on and off now, for the best part of 30 years. It occurs to me, when I am consistent and dedicated, things turn out for the best for me.

But its only really the last 2 years I have noticed other benefits. Since my new cancer, the 2nd time round, I have been paying much more attention to consistency and becoming conscious of the unconscious thought. Now when this happens and the thought is doubt or fear or worry, rather than like in the past when I would stop it and reverse it to positivity, I give myself time to acknowledge it, accept it, embrace it – in other words “meditate” it. 

This process helps me get to the deeper reason of why , I might be having the thought and instinctly separate myself from it. The thought does not define me. It is merely a thought.

Now don’t get me wrong. I still believe there is no comfort in the luxury of negative thinking. But there is certainly room to be curious and explore the deeper reasons for why, particularly pessimistic, habitual, negative, self talk that occurs ie ‘I’m hopeless with remembering names’ ‘I have a head like seive’ ‘Of course that would happen’. I’m sure you have your own long standing, negative, self beliefs. You think it so often, you are probably unaware that you think it. What is that thought for you?

Meditation for me takes many forms and I try to do it daily. On my days off it might be a 20 minute guided Deepak Chopra Meditation or a 10 minute Calm app Meditation. On the weekends it’s putting my head phones in on the beach and walking the dog, only thinking about every lyric as I listen to my favourite tunes. And on work days it might be simply 5 deep breaths on the way to and from work or even at the gym focussing only on the activity at hand. Some may call this mindfulness. The label doesn’t matter, it’s simply about taking a break from the mind chatter. You may even take your own breaks from mine chatter and not be aware you do it.

My point being, in the last six months I have achieved things which I never thought possible and in my reflection, I’m largely attributing this to my mindfulness and attention, helped along with meditation my way.

I’ve drastically reduced my coffee, so much easier than I ever thought possible, reduced my alcohol, started a new and rewarding job, returned to the gym, maintained a reasonably healthy weight range (still a work in progress), authenticity love the skin I’m in and most recently beaten a head cold in 4 days which traditionally would take me 3 weeks. Of course its a ripple affect isn’t it?. Less toxins, better diet, more activity is going to knock a cold on it’s head but could I have done the physical work without the mental preparedness?

However, in the last few days doubt has burdened me again. Doubt I will ever make a career out of my passion. Doubt I’m a good friend, wife daughter, person (there a no doubts in my mind I’m a good mother – as its the one area in my life I don’t use comparison to measure myself – weird hey?). So with that, back to the meditation hard core I go, and low and behold it occurs to me, I’m measuring my worth on external influences and perceived expectations, rather than my newly formed habits, and retrained brain’s, internal beliefs.

There is no danger in learning ‘The Art Of Not Giving A Fuck’ and letting go of the uncontrollables as author Mark Manson painstakingly writes about how. (This is a must read). It is what it is certainly works in those circumstances. About others and about uncontrollable circumstances. But I refuse to believe I am what I am today, will be the same as I am tomorrow. I can change. As Mark alludes to, put your energy into shit you do give a fuck about. I give a fuck about myself and what legacy I will leave and therefore every day is a new possibility for growth and improvement, a new challenge, a new way to prove to myself, I am worthy.

So early in the week I was considering engaging some more personal life coaching, but decided to take to it myself. Doing my potential business an injustice here, but that’s the thing. We are all capable to listen, challenge, and ask ourselves the hard questions. All we need to do is still the mind. Give our selves permission to have an authentic chat about the things we give a fuck about, and really listen.

Happy days xx

Everybody is searching for something

Murry digging a hole on the beach

Murray is searching for his ball. I am searching for inner peace, life long health, purpose, vitality, thriving existence, joy, abundance, compassion, love, wellness – Health and wellness is therefore obviously more for me than simply free of disease and pain. And with the results coming out last night of Fulham residence living an average of 87 years, I have a good chance to achieve this in the next 40 years. So it’s a lot, but I have faith in the divine power of the universal energy and it’s ultimate wisdom and infinite possibilities it offers. Murray on the other hand, buried his own ball as I ponder and meditate about this on the beach. Both a common occurrence.
In order to achieve this I therefore must have a very strong and powerful belief that we are what we think, mind over matter, let our mind be our master, and instead of living by cause and effect we can personally cause an effect. Don’t wait – create. My faith in this has only strengthened over the last 30 years or so, even after being diagnosed with multiple comorbid diagnoses over this time including a second cancer. So I know what you must be thinking without meaning to be presumptuous – what the hell is she doing wrong? Well as it turns out, we can only control our conscious thoughts, unfortunately for all those habitual limiting beliefs, negative self talk and harmful put downs that enter our mind minute by minute, on a daily basis (formed and cemented by the time we are 35) cannot be controlled unless we are paying attention to them.
So through all my informal study, personal interest and research a few things have become abundantly clear and all theories concur on:
The body inherently knows how to heal itself
To allow the body to take care of itself we have to nourish it with clear and conscious thought in addition to food, water, rest, movement, sunlight, and healthy environments including nature, friends, like minds and shared purpose
To allow for the mind to become conscious you must be free of habitual thought, becoming noone, no where, nobody, in no time.
To become free of busy thought, you must be able to practice the art of ‘free of thought’ better known as meditation.
The practice of gratitude, compassion and love, are also highly recommended in all literature I have read.
Finally living your life as if you have already achieved what you are wanting is the final piece to the puzzle for perfect health, which happens to be my by line for this website “The key to having it all is believing you already do”
Like a jigsaw though, if a piece is missing the picture is incomplete. There will be roadblocks. Wishful thinking alone, behaving like you have everything but not intrinsically believing it, not slowing the mind, living in stress, not surrounding yourself with nourishment, you will find the journey, difficult – two steps forward and one step back so to speak. Jumping hurdles, detouring, changing direction the entire way. They say the body can heal if we don’t let our unconscious negative thought get in the way. Layer this with meditation, awareness and becoming conscious of the unconscious thought is where my affirmation from Louise Hay came ” you cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought”, 20 years on I believe this to mean, if you are aware of any limiting thought, stop it, rethink it, create your own reality, change your habit. This is also what I mean when I talk of positive thinking. It is not meaning denial, or allowing your feelings to be suppressed, but making a choice about how you want those feelings to affect you.
No convinced yet? – that’s ok, the beauty of my faith is that it doesn’t matter what you think, what you think won’t affect my health and wellness, only your health and wellness – and only what I think will affect mine. But in keeping with the fence sitters or non believers, let me share with you how and why and where I get my beliefs from. Although my lived experience is a huge motivation to practice and continuously prove this theory (a recent I will share with you shortly), I also base my faith on science, traditional medicinal practices from 5000 years ago and psycho and meta physical practices. Let me explain.
Twenty six years ago I happened across a book called You can heal your life by Louise Hay. She healed herself of terminal stomach cancer. Her teachings were based on metaphysical beliefs that certain ailments and dis-ease were generic to the thought patterns people held. Not unlike the Ayurveda traditional Indian practices that also believe you can diagnose disease based on thoughts and body types (doshas) and again not unlike the more recent proven theories of Dr Joe Dispenza a neuroscientist who also cured himself from para plesia after a being run over by a truck on a cycling race. He has proven without a doubt the heart (emotion) talks to the mind (thought) which talks to the body in the form of chemical reactions to emotions and thoughts, creating good or bad physical health. Although I believe Louise Hay was a pioneer of her time in the 70/80’s in her teachings, she lacked the scientific evidence to prove it.
Long before Hay, along comes Einstein who started to investigate the theory of relativity and debunk or expand on some of Newton’s theories about quantum elements (waves) behaving the same as particles. E = mc2 was born, being the beginning of the understanding that energy and mass (matter) are interchangable, which led to the quantum theory. The funny thing is, as I have read, Einstein found his evidence so shocking, that secretly he just could not believe in what he was discovering, despite his Noble prize for arguably, the most well known, scientific calculation in history and the basis for most physics in the modern world today.
Years later as magnification enhances, scientific experiments become more sophisticated and advances in today’s technology, quantum physicists are able to undeniably prove the theory of quantum mechanics, observation, entanglement and tunnelling plus more. This is so fascinating because observation theory directly correlates with what you see and observe is entirely at the mercy of your perception, and what meaning you take from your perception, in addition to the energy fields being in constant waves of infinite possibility until of course you focus your attention on it, which then forces it to become matter and particles. Energy flows where attention goes, as they say. Before I lose you completely down the rabbit hole (I know Todd has already stopped reading….ha ha ), I just wanted to explore with you where my science comes from and how it all connects to my beliefs around neuropsychoimmunology (the power to spontaneously heal), and epigenetics (rewiring the brain to bypass harmful genes) etc. BTW on a segway did you know microbiome scientists (who study gut health) are now discovering, if memory serves me correctly only about 7% of our gene pool sits in our cells and the rest sit in our microbium healthy gut bacteria, which are constantly being replaced with what we feed it. And it’s believed it’s our brain’s habitual thinking that keeps the genetics reforming rather than the memory of the cell it’s itself. I know, just ponder that for as long as you can. It’s no wonder they get the name mad scientist having to wrestle with these discoveries day by day!
So with all that being said, I have come to terms with my Feminine Power course (only one module away from completion), being my catalyst to harness every aspect of perfect health, my Psycho Spiritual therapist and life coach being my guide and me being the driver, now, before and forever. While also reconciling, one cannot (although I tried for 20 years) make monumental change on their own. It takes a community .The energy of the world and others, feeds energy – it’s not like a record in the retail store, when someone buys it there’s one less, it’s like the tune on spotify, when someone invests it, there is one more of that tune in the universe. It take energy to make energy. It also takes going beyond what we know, if we want to create something we don’t yet have or have yet to experience. And as Dispenza says, no need to worry about the unknown, create the known. So I re-joined my beloved Viva Fitness gym yesterday after being in hiatus for three years and have done three classes this week, taking it easy but being very surprised with my muscle memory, ability to keep up and recovering quite well after each session, while keeping my promise to Murray and not reducing his beach walks. Cause lets be honest, I love them too. That’s the known.
Here’s the unknown and I respect there will be a lot of skeptics out there when I tell my next story but here goes. I went to SPARC yesterday after a much agonised decision to get a cortisone injection in each heal of my feet for the pain I have endured for the past 12 months due to plantar fasciitis. The first one fucking hurt and so the second one I was prepared for and took some deep breaths and pictured rainbows and butterflies and imagined it felt like a massage. Hurt much less, but that is not my story. While waiting for it to settle before I could stand, I asked the Doc about my tennis elbow I have been dealing with since Boxing Day 2020, and have had dry needling on it for the past 5 weeks by my physio (normally three weeks would fix it). He said to start the exercises that my physio had insisted I delay until some substantial improvement in movement. So last night I decided to practice what I believe in and lay awake most of the night visualising myself doing the exercises. Now before I go on I want to explain I’ve watched most of the Body Hack’s three series hosted by Todd Sampson . In one episode they did an experiment with one group of people meditating for 6 weeks one hour each day on their weight program and the other group actually physically doing the weight program for 6 weeks, an hour each day. Shockingly the results for both groups were similar (some in the physical group were even nursing injuries in the end). Armed with this added information, I was committed all night. This morning was the first day at the beach I could throw the ball for Murray with my injured arm and pick up my water bottle after the gym while driving home, free of pain. In addition I have not had to ice or take panadol for my feet as predicted by the nurse and am now concentrating on ensuring the cortisone does it’s job and in three days, I’ll be a new walking women. By Friday I’m starting work on my AVN knee and by the end of the year, I will lose my belly, have a healthy gut, be on my way to 52 kilos and hopefully a book launch. I am woman hear me roar (lol)! (Quantum physics by the way works on a different time zone than Classical or Newtonian Laws of Physics, QP can bring the future to you – the whole E=MC2 phenomenon – so watch this space).
So today and forever more, I’m setting my intention for my search to be fulfilled, creating my own future and using my mantra first thought in the morning, last thought at night and every conscious free thought in every day:
I am the undeniable existence for perfect health
Happy days xx