The need for breasts

I find it odd in this day and age of body image, self awareness, the #metoomovement and feminism and all that goes with equality, that not in any of the information I’ve been given since surgery, event hints at the suggestion that is is okay if you choose not  to use temporary or permanent prosthesis or reconstructive surgery.

We have achieved nothing in all of the above, if as women, we only feel like women if we have breasts.  I guarantee the love of my husband has not diminished along with each breast that has been removed.  It has not depleted my son’s view of me as a mother, my dad’s view of me as a daughter, nor the love of my friends as a girlfriend.  I seriously doubt my work colleagues will question my gender on my return to work and I know my gym mates, flat chested or double D’d will still embrace me with open arms, as a woman.

I’m not suggesting for a second that these options for post surgery are not legitimate, for heaven’s sake I am going to take advantage of all three options.  What I am saying though, is where is the all the literature about:

  • it’s not what’s on the outside but the inside
  • love yourself
  • accept your body
  • people come in all shapes and sizes

etc, etc ……….

How on earth can we advocate for our daughters and teach them self love/self esteem/not be victims to petty bully-ism from body haters, steer them from eating disorders, obsessive dieting, OCD exercise, makeup, cosmetic surgery and so on and so forth if can not live for one second without breasts!

Quite frankly I am enjoying the freedom from bras, and the sense of athleticism & empowerment that comes with a bald head and a flat chest. No I’m not gay (not there’s anything wrong with that), I’m just comfortable in my own skin.  After all, it’s kept me alive through all of this.

#allwoman #athletic #noregrets #lovetheskinyou’rein

Happy days xx

One thought on “The need for breasts

  1. What a perfectly written piece Deb. Very thought-provoking.

    When my step mum told people she wasn’t going to have a reconstruction she couldn’t believe the looks she got. People looked at her like she was mad. She tried to explain her decision along the lines of she saw no need for it to happen. My dad loved her either way, her grandchildren loved her, we loved her breast or no breast. In all honesty, because she has since had cancer in the remaining breast she would be more than happy to be flat chested.


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