Set your intention

Just some of the amazing gifts that have been bestowed upon me.

I had no drains removed yesterday after the doc had been but besides a 6am tapendadole (Endone like pain killer), all I’ve been on since is 6 hourly panadol, so thinking I can afford to reduce the coloxal and start eating cheeses again! Speaking of food: as you can imagine I’m very sick of hospital food, it started alright but it’s s bit like lite’n’easy, not emotionally nurturing or necessarily healing or nutritious or appealing, it just meats the 5 food groups and good old fasion nurtition triangle (on a good day) so can’t wait to get home just to eat more yummy healing nurturing goodness xx

There’s talk of two drains coming out today and the remaining two tomorrow which may suggest I’ll be home by Friday arvo or Saturday! Things have gone as planned so far, so fingers crossed 🤞. Doc is in surgery till late arvo today so will know much later this afternoon.

Segway to my Doc. She is amazing. Everything has gone like clock work and although she’s a typical surgeon her bed side manner in my opinion is perfect for what she does. We’ve had a few bonding moments, I really like her and most of all she gave me drugs to help birth my baby at midnight all those nights ago. Seriously though she is so precise, knowledgeable and detailed, I have nothing but faith.

I’ve been quite uncomfortable in bed the last few days just from lying around and the occasional stroll but today (only 6 days into my stay) I find a new bed position! Wish I’d found it days ago. Arghh. It’s the little things

Biggest disappointment is with channel 7 replacing the midday movie this week if not with the Oscars, bloody encore of MKR. HOW MUCH REALITY DO WE NEED! WTFW. Lucky I have my Netflix downloads.

So my intention has been for the last 18 months and continues to be; for me to lose all inhibitions and dare to dream the life I deserve! To spend the rest of my days on this earth thriving NOT just surviving.
I achieve this by accepting the miracle which is my body. It is a vessel and a process in which my mind controls. It is not a structure and it does not control me. With the magic of flow of my mind and heart and body I am rejuvenating, regenerating and REINVENTING the chemistry of my own cells. I am reborn.

Happy days xx

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