That’s who I had to deal with today.

One who thought it would be a good idea to ask me all about my cancer, confidently compare me to her dear friend, diagnosed at same age, same disease then share she with me she was dead! Oh but she got 9 years she says. Well shove that up your ass I bemuse and I tell her so later. I tactfully say to her that was probably not helpful sharing that story with me and she says

“I know I deserve that cause I was an idiot”

Me: don’t be silly, I’m not launching a revenge attack I’m just pointing out, maybe next time in the same situation don’t share that experience when it’s not such a great ending

Her: well I don’t have a thruth filter I can’t lie

Me: I’m not suggesting you lie, just don’t bring it up

Her: she got 9 years it’s not all bad

Me: pff 9 years. Not good enough

2nd peanut

Oh what cancer did you have

Breast cancer

Oh I went through that 5 years ago

Good to see you’re well now

Well I had surgery to remove the tumour, 7cm but globular, 6 weeks of radiotherapy, no lymph involved but oestrogen receptive so hormone blocker tomoxifon for 5 years and it was not ductal so less likely to re occur. I’m 60 now. You?

Oh I had the trifecta, invasive ductal, 1 lymph, 5 cm tumour, HER2 positive, oestrogen receptive, 6 months chemo, 12 months targeted therapy, 5 weeks radiotherapy, bilateral mastectomy 15 years of hormone blocker to come. I’m 46.

Well it’s not a competition, she replies.

Omg, she asked ! and I actually got the feeling she felt it was a competition and was disappointed she lost.

Now you all know how competitive I am so tempting not spin it and feel like a winner.🥳

Actually fuck it. I am a winner. Cancer’s a cunt and I kicked the son’ova’beech back up its proverbial.

Happy days xx

2 thoughts on “Peanuts

  1. Deb I’m laughing at your choice words xx you go girl .. talk about what people actually have said to you today . Honestly what the fuck are they thinking or should I say not thinking 🤔 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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