A new day A new low

https://www.calm.com/quote?id=NyRR1UHXg #DailyCalm

About to have my first ever nervous breakdown, as I cry in the waiting room for really no apparent reason except for the fact of the pressures on my life, once again radiotherapists listen with intent, no judgement but love & then distract me MAFS.

My loving husband calls me, I do a 10 minute meditation in the car before I head to work and the quote resonates.

Love yourself, really love yourself. And accept with age comes the beauty of not caring what people think, wisdom & patience.

Happy days xx

One thought on “A new day A new low

  1. Deb – my heart goes out to you. I know you have had a really sucky couple of weeks and you have been dealing so well. Truth is – you have actually had a really sucky year or so with some great highs in between which you have hung onto. Sometimes the mind and body just get overwhelmed and shit just gets on top of you. You have been running on empty for a while now and you are more than entitled to have the occasional breakdown. Remember you are surrounded by lots of love and if you want me to sit in the waiting room any day at all – just let me know. I can hand you the tissues, give you a hug and I would even listen to all the MAFS talk (see how much I love you) xx


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