OMFG #DailyCalm

There goes my ZEN

Omfg 1 hr yesterday 2 hrs today to telstra b4 radiotherapy with a car accident in between and still no closer to what I rang for.

I was trying to add mobile plans to our current deal. I was promised a pretty good deal but had to leave b4 finalised so they promised a call back at 9am this morning from Karl.

Half hour wait this morning and finally convince someone else on ‘live chat’ to call me. 2 hours go by, 1 hour on the phone because Karl has promised a deal that is not eligible for BYO phones. I say I don’t care if Joe Boggs offered it, I have it in writing from a Telstra agent and it has to be honoured. (I printed the transcripts). Half hour on hold while Telstra Bitch sorts it out with mgr to be told they’ll call me tomorrow. No way hose, sort it now, I insist, another 15 minutes & they agree to the deal and I have to go so she’ll call me back at 1pm!

By the time I get to radiation my radiologists calmed me down by distracting me with MAFS talk. I admitted I can go Cyrel on occasion and they said no way and I replied “that’s cause you’ve strapped me to a table”. We laugh and after my daily “therapy” I feel better on the way home knowing my Telstra bitch (TB) was calling me back at 1pm.

The Puratap guy comes on time this week after missing his appointment last week, I do a 10 minute calm meditation (International Calm day.. who knew?). Todd calls about the car insurance and would you fucking believe it..I missed the TB phone call cause she rang 15 minutes early!

So back on ‘chat live’ after they said they couldnt find my reference number I did go Cyrel with a few F bombs in the text.

45 minutes waiting for another call back and I hang up on the vet (that reminds me I must call back) & Todd and TB finally calls and finally sorts it, all because Fos wants more data!!! Now I have to deal with tranfering sim data…some other day!

Diving into my oceon of Peace (my pool) to literally cool my hot temper, guess who calls back……fucking Karl!

Happy days xx

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