Setting the Record Straight

Would just like to assure everyone, I’m fine, back home & managed to rebook a nail appointment, despite it being at the expense of catching up with a dear friend. All of which I had to cancel yesterday. Massage still to come.

It seems I had an adverse reaction to a drug administered for my hyperparathyroid and nothing to do with me “overdoing” it as some might have you believe.

Now I’m all transfused and ready to go (& taking precautionary broad spectrum antibiotics, just in case it was infection, which I know it wasn’t).

Turns out probably didn’t need the afore mentioned drug in question anyway because my calcium levels were fine this week. As I was not symptomatic I guess a little more investigation is required.

Now to get some sleep, as you sure can’t find peace and quiet in a hospital. (see above with sound).

Happy days xx

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