Diamond art drinks and empty jelly shots

Just a quick update and some good news. My parathyroid surgery is booked for 21st October where they will remove the one enlarged gland causing hyperparathyroidism. I saw the heomotologist today and although I still have slight macrocytosis he is very confident it’s caused by the hyperparathyroidism. He will see me again, 4 weeks after surgery with the hope my blood parameters have returned to normal. He did note there was significant increase in my water intake!

Needless to say I am celebrating my amazing luck and practising gratitude, especially considering the recent news from a number of friends and aquantences I’ve learnt have just been given the C diagnosis. One of my good previous breast cancer comrands has just been diagnosed with a second unrelated breast cancer. What the! Leave us alone, once us enough. Twice is just cruel. Feeling for my friend with such tremendous love.

In the meantime, I am close to launching Wellness Frequency, completing my life coaching qualification and considering decommissioning this blog and moving it to my business FB page. I’ll keep you updated.

I am currently thoroughly enjoying my role at RSB (Royal Society of the Blind) as Aged Care Support Facilitator, chatting to our aged care clients every day and making a difference in their lives by supporting them with kind words, hopes and referrals where we can see benefit will be achieved.

I have also rediscovered x stitch a great relaxing pass time infront of tv and in addition I have discovered great art called diamond art or diamond darts, a combo of x stitch and I paint by numbers. Im loving it and heard of it through one of my clients. I’m so plodding away at penning my novel. So all in all, while building my business brand, I am keeping very busy.

During this time I have also seen the RSB Optom as a patient, where I have been advised my cataracts (which I knew I had and was pre warned would be a side effect before my transplant) are very old. I am also at risk if glaucoma and macropathy but I am in good hands. My heomotologist today informed me patents have gone blind from complications of bone marrow transplants. So once again, one more reason to be grateful and feel blessed for still being here.

I recently counted over 20 people I know personally having been diagnosed with cancer under the age of 50. It’s a shocking statistic. I also recently made an A4 page of my illnesses, ailments, conditions and diseases and backed it up with 2 full pages of treatments. I mention this only because it made me realise how freaking good I’m doing, not even taking my 3 pages of ill health history into account. And for all of that, it is truly…

Happy Days xx

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