Everybody is searching for something

Murry digging a hole on the beach

Murray is searching for his ball. I am searching for inner peace, life long health, purpose, vitality, thriving existence, joy, abundance, compassion, love, wellness – Health and wellness is therefore obviously more for me than simply free of disease and pain. And with the results coming out last night of Fulham residence living an average of 87 years, I have a good chance to achieve this in the next 40 years. So it’s a lot, but I have faith in the divine power of the universal energy and it’s ultimate wisdom and infinite possibilities it offers. Murray on the other hand, buried his own ball as I ponder and meditate about this on the beach. Both a common occurrence.
In order to achieve this I therefore must have a very strong and powerful belief that we are what we think, mind over matter, let our mind be our master, and instead of living by cause and effect we can personally cause an effect. Don’t wait – create. My faith in this has only strengthened over the last 30 years or so, even after being diagnosed with multiple comorbid diagnoses over this time including a second cancer. So I know what you must be thinking without meaning to be presumptuous – what the hell is she doing wrong? Well as it turns out, we can only control our conscious thoughts, unfortunately for all those habitual limiting beliefs, negative self talk and harmful put downs that enter our mind minute by minute, on a daily basis (formed and cemented by the time we are 35) cannot be controlled unless we are paying attention to them.
So through all my informal study, personal interest and research a few things have become abundantly clear and all theories concur on:
The body inherently knows how to heal itself
To allow the body to take care of itself we have to nourish it with clear and conscious thought in addition to food, water, rest, movement, sunlight, and healthy environments including nature, friends, like minds and shared purpose
To allow for the mind to become conscious you must be free of habitual thought, becoming noone, no where, nobody, in no time.
To become free of busy thought, you must be able to practice the art of ‘free of thought’ better known as meditation.
The practice of gratitude, compassion and love, are also highly recommended in all literature I have read.
Finally living your life as if you have already achieved what you are wanting is the final piece to the puzzle for perfect health, which happens to be my by line for this website “The key to having it all is believing you already do”
Like a jigsaw though, if a piece is missing the picture is incomplete. There will be roadblocks. Wishful thinking alone, behaving like you have everything but not intrinsically believing it, not slowing the mind, living in stress, not surrounding yourself with nourishment, you will find the journey, difficult – two steps forward and one step back so to speak. Jumping hurdles, detouring, changing direction the entire way. They say the body can heal if we don’t let our unconscious negative thought get in the way. Layer this with meditation, awareness and becoming conscious of the unconscious thought is where my affirmation from Louise Hay came ” you cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought”, 20 years on I believe this to mean, if you are aware of any limiting thought, stop it, rethink it, create your own reality, change your habit. This is also what I mean when I talk of positive thinking. It is not meaning denial, or allowing your feelings to be suppressed, but making a choice about how you want those feelings to affect you.
No convinced yet? – that’s ok, the beauty of my faith is that it doesn’t matter what you think, what you think won’t affect my health and wellness, only your health and wellness – and only what I think will affect mine. But in keeping with the fence sitters or non believers, let me share with you how and why and where I get my beliefs from. Although my lived experience is a huge motivation to practice and continuously prove this theory (a recent I will share with you shortly), I also base my faith on science, traditional medicinal practices from 5000 years ago and psycho and meta physical practices. Let me explain.
Twenty six years ago I happened across a book called You can heal your life by Louise Hay. She healed herself of terminal stomach cancer. Her teachings were based on metaphysical beliefs that certain ailments and dis-ease were generic to the thought patterns people held. Not unlike the Ayurveda traditional Indian practices that also believe you can diagnose disease based on thoughts and body types (doshas) and again not unlike the more recent proven theories of Dr Joe Dispenza a neuroscientist who also cured himself from para plesia after a being run over by a truck on a cycling race. He has proven without a doubt the heart (emotion) talks to the mind (thought) which talks to the body in the form of chemical reactions to emotions and thoughts, creating good or bad physical health. Although I believe Louise Hay was a pioneer of her time in the 70/80’s in her teachings, she lacked the scientific evidence to prove it.
Long before Hay, along comes Einstein who started to investigate the theory of relativity and debunk or expand on some of Newton’s theories about quantum elements (waves) behaving the same as particles. E = mc2 was born, being the beginning of the understanding that energy and mass (matter) are interchangable, which led to the quantum theory. The funny thing is, as I have read, Einstein found his evidence so shocking, that secretly he just could not believe in what he was discovering, despite his Noble prize for arguably, the most well known, scientific calculation in history and the basis for most physics in the modern world today.
Years later as magnification enhances, scientific experiments become more sophisticated and advances in today’s technology, quantum physicists are able to undeniably prove the theory of quantum mechanics, observation, entanglement and tunnelling plus more. This is so fascinating because observation theory directly correlates with what you see and observe is entirely at the mercy of your perception, and what meaning you take from your perception, in addition to the energy fields being in constant waves of infinite possibility until of course you focus your attention on it, which then forces it to become matter and particles. Energy flows where attention goes, as they say. Before I lose you completely down the rabbit hole (I know Todd has already stopped reading….ha ha ), I just wanted to explore with you where my science comes from and how it all connects to my beliefs around neuropsychoimmunology (the power to spontaneously heal), and epigenetics (rewiring the brain to bypass harmful genes) etc. BTW on a segway did you know microbiome scientists (who study gut health) are now discovering, if memory serves me correctly only about 7% of our gene pool sits in our cells and the rest sit in our microbium healthy gut bacteria, which are constantly being replaced with what we feed it. And it’s believed it’s our brain’s habitual thinking that keeps the genetics reforming rather than the memory of the cell it’s itself. I know, just ponder that for as long as you can. It’s no wonder they get the name mad scientist having to wrestle with these discoveries day by day!
So with all that being said, I have come to terms with my Feminine Power course (only one module away from completion), being my catalyst to harness every aspect of perfect health, my Psycho Spiritual therapist and life coach being my guide and me being the driver, now, before and forever. While also reconciling, one cannot (although I tried for 20 years) make monumental change on their own. It takes a community .The energy of the world and others, feeds energy – it’s not like a record in the retail store, when someone buys it there’s one less, it’s like the tune on spotify, when someone invests it, there is one more of that tune in the universe. It take energy to make energy. It also takes going beyond what we know, if we want to create something we don’t yet have or have yet to experience. And as Dispenza says, no need to worry about the unknown, create the known. So I re-joined my beloved Viva Fitness gym yesterday after being in hiatus for three years and have done three classes this week, taking it easy but being very surprised with my muscle memory, ability to keep up and recovering quite well after each session, while keeping my promise to Murray and not reducing his beach walks. Cause lets be honest, I love them too. That’s the known.
Here’s the unknown and I respect there will be a lot of skeptics out there when I tell my next story but here goes. I went to SPARC yesterday after a much agonised decision to get a cortisone injection in each heal of my feet for the pain I have endured for the past 12 months due to plantar fasciitis. The first one fucking hurt and so the second one I was prepared for and took some deep breaths and pictured rainbows and butterflies and imagined it felt like a massage. Hurt much less, but that is not my story. While waiting for it to settle before I could stand, I asked the Doc about my tennis elbow I have been dealing with since Boxing Day 2020, and have had dry needling on it for the past 5 weeks by my physio (normally three weeks would fix it). He said to start the exercises that my physio had insisted I delay until some substantial improvement in movement. So last night I decided to practice what I believe in and lay awake most of the night visualising myself doing the exercises. Now before I go on I want to explain I’ve watched most of the Body Hack’s three series hosted by Todd Sampson . In one episode they did an experiment with one group of people meditating for 6 weeks one hour each day on their weight program and the other group actually physically doing the weight program for 6 weeks, an hour each day. Shockingly the results for both groups were similar (some in the physical group were even nursing injuries in the end). Armed with this added information, I was committed all night. This morning was the first day at the beach I could throw the ball for Murray with my injured arm and pick up my water bottle after the gym while driving home, free of pain. In addition I have not had to ice or take panadol for my feet as predicted by the nurse and am now concentrating on ensuring the cortisone does it’s job and in three days, I’ll be a new walking women. By Friday I’m starting work on my AVN knee and by the end of the year, I will lose my belly, have a healthy gut, be on my way to 52 kilos and hopefully a book launch. I am woman hear me roar (lol)! (Quantum physics by the way works on a different time zone than Classical or Newtonian Laws of Physics, QP can bring the future to you – the whole E=MC2 phenomenon – so watch this space).
So today and forever more, I’m setting my intention for my search to be fulfilled, creating my own future and using my mantra first thought in the morning, last thought at night and every conscious free thought in every day:
I am the undeniable existence for perfect health
Happy days xx

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