Happy days

Today I did my first successful yoga class in 3 years. I’ve been doing yoga all my adult life but only dabbled in the last few years due to illness and surgery, never really feeling the benefits I was accustomed to pre breast cancer. Today I feel I have come full circle, having started my yoga journey back in the 90s in a community centre, gold coin donation kind if thing, during leukaemia treatment – I fell in love with it. Mind you I also fell asleep everytime during relaxation. Today a yoga class has started down my street in the Fulham community cente, so in walking distance, affordable and perfect for what I’ve been searching for.

In saying this I don’t believe I would have been motivated or had enough energy or flexible movement to have appreciated the benefits as much as I have today, if it wasn’t for my Ayurvedic massage I had on Thursday (more a poke, prod & torture than a massagae) but healing none the less. From everywhere from my neck, shoulders, stomach, hips, lower back, knee down to my heel pain, I feel better. Yes I had chronic pain all over my body and felt 100 years old.

So with Russell’s help (he calls himself a masseur, I call him a healer and wise life coach) and my yoga yoday, I feel the age I should feel….47….I’m hoping by 50 I’ll feel 30 again.

Celebrate your bodies people. All they want to do is let your soul live the life it deserves. Dont be trapped by it. Let your mind be the master not the slave. Be kind to your body physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually and it will reward you with freedom of movement, health and vitality. #healthyhappywhole

Happy days xx

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