A clean break

I haven’t posted in a while, not through lack of want, just lack of news really.

Recently I’ve had my breast surgical annual follow-up – all good. Coming up I have my oncology annual review and today I had my three month reconstruction follow-up – all good. Best news is I should get the all clear, at my next 3 month follow-up, to go ahead and start planning my tattoo art over all my scars.

On a final note, I would like to share with you (for those of you who believe in the analogy of dream references), my last night’s dream. I was walking along with my sister-in-law and we were sharing our resumes with each other. As we were reading each other’s, we both got emotional reading how the other had described themselves. We were in, what felt like a country town, and we strolled past a community hall where a yoga class was just finishing and I stopped to chat to the instructor, keen to get details so I could join. We then turned the corner and now Foster was with me and it felt like Adelaide but looked like a scene from 1940’s with a row of old workable trams in the distance, people dressed in early century clothing, some old cars on  the road mixed with horse and carts, the entire scene in black and white. I said to Foster “quick pass me my phone, if I take a photo of this scene in sepia, it will look like we lived through this past“. But as he passed it to me, it was broken clean in two. I tried to hold the two pieces together to take the photo, but it didn’t work.

I was unable to reconcile the past …. with the future. The future was clearly ahead of me, moving forward, with the things I love like physical activity and a new career, and the past well and truly behind me, beautiful as it was, a learning tool and indeed a yard stick for my post traumatic growth, there was no need for a photo. It’s time to let go of the past and start a new life with fresh eyes.

(referred to as a mastectomy decorative tattoo, placed over the scars front and back) – one of my planned tattoo ideas

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