After 2 years

With some persistent consistency I am back in my healthy weight range💃

With tenacity and resilience I have a healthy body with all the nice lumps and bumps and none of the nastysğŸŽŠ

With faith and belief I have post traumatic growth and a renewed purpose for life🌻

After 5 hours of waiting and 30 minutes in the holding bay I finally walked into theatre. I blame Victoria for asking too many questions in her appointment that same morning for my surgeon running 2 hours behind schedule🤣 . (Victoria is my fellow breast cancer friend of whom I referred to Dr Michelle Lodge for her reconstruction). We are both cancer free so I should just call her my friend really.

After 24 hours without food I finally got fed last night at 10pm (all be it with a plate of carbs). Compression dressing tape was causing me irritation so had to get Toddles to drive home at lunch today from work so he could bring me back my compression bra, as I was not allowed to remove the tape until I had the bra on. Missed seeing the boys last night after surgery as they waited a few hours for me in my room, but due to miscommunication, they arrived not long after I went to theatre and I didn’t get back until 9.45pm. We can’t have the cherubs waiting all night! They were hungry 😅🍔

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I’m close to the end now.

Happy Days xx

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