This is what I know, part 2

Shit Burger Masterclass: so life serves you a shit burger, the way I see it is you have four choices:

a) eat it

b) flush it

c) bury it

d) throw it away

a) eat it. You got this shit burger, it’s not what you ordered, it looks like shit, smells like shit and tastes like shit. But what else are you gonna do? People feel sorry for you when they see you eating it, but they’re not eating it so they have no idea how bad it tastes, in fact they’re coming no where near you. You are asking yourself why do I have to eat it. Why me? I call this SELF PITY and in answer to your question I say why not you? Why are you so special that you don’t get a shit burger dealt to you every now and then.

b) flush it. So you get this burger and you think I didn’t order this, Im not accepting this, Im just gonna get rid of it. So you take it directly to the toilet and you flush it. Now that works for a few days, a few months, maybe even years, but at some point that shit burger starts to resurface in all your drains inside the house and out. It’s disgusting, it stinks and now you have to call a plumber. But you don’t want to cause it’s embarrassing, and you know he’s gonna make you stick your hand in that drain and pull out the original blockage..that burger, and you might have to stick your arm all the way in and it’s gonna hurt, it may even scar. I call this DENIAL. Better to have dealt with the shit burger when it happens cause you’re gonna have to deal with it eventually any way.

c) bury it. So you know you have this burger and you know you need to deal with it, but right now is so inconvenient, so you decide to take it out side, dig a little hole, put the burger in there and recover it with dirt. It’s a little patchy but you say I’ll deal with it later however deep down you’re hoping the grass will grow over and you’ll forget it ever got served. Now this works until the dog sniffs out the shit burger and digs it up. You rebury it but by now the dog is in the habit of digging and before you know it you have holes all over your back yard. You can’t even remember what made him start digging in the first place. I call this UNFINISHED BUSINESS. If only you had dealt with that shit burger instead of hoping it would just go away, it wouldn’t have manifested itself in your life (backyard) in this way with all these holes.

d) throw it away. Now you’ve been served this burger. You accept it with grace (you may even say thank you). You don’t want it but you know before you get rid of it you need to plan an attack of how to appropriately get rid of it forever. So you find out the facts about it and research the resources you will need for a solution. These may include gloves, tongs, garbage bag, nose peg and/or mask. It ain’t gonna be pretty you admit to yourself. You plan a timeline of when the garbage collection will take place. You action your plan, you put the gloves on, use the tongs to carefully pick up the stinky burger, you place it in the bag and tie it tight, you put it out for collection and you wave it goodbye, giving thanks for the lessons it as taught you about dealing with unwanted shit burgers. I call this DEALING WITH IT + REFLECTION = POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH. You have acknowledged and accepted there is a problem, found a solution to how you will deal with it, actioned your plan and reflected on your learnings.

It’s your choice. It’s ALWAYS your choice.

Happy days xx

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