Its been brewing for a few weeks now but the moment I  woke this morning I knew I had an undeniable feeling of being utterly overwhelmed.

I tried everything today: I meditated, I took 10 deep breaths while working from home during the day, I took breaks, I completed tasks that were sitting in my to do’s annoying me and I even logged off work 10 minutes early before I killed / broke some one or something. The only thing that remotely helped throughout the day was a snatch of The Golden Girls.

To begin with I hate waking up to a work day and not having a plan for my tasks (ok Cheryl you have a point that I like a little control), I am concerned about the success of my impeding surgery and not only am I trying to study but also building my brand, planning my business, attempting to make business resources with a PC that has just shit itself, taken on some pro bono friends/clients for life coaching practice, but also trying to plan a romantic weekend away, decide on low carb recipes everyone will enjoy, including me…. did I mention I could eat a cat this week, so very aware I don’t want to self sabotage (which I’m known to do at this stage often). With all that being said I needed to get a grip.

I took advantage of the late afternoon sun and walked the dog. I’d like to say the fresh air, increased heart rate and time outside is the only reason I feel better, because I know this is certainly an element, but alas the answer goes deeper than that.

While walking I took the opportunity to life coach my self and asked my self the tough questions what the fuck is wrong with you? Kidding, I asked I’m heading where I want to go so what is causing these feelings? (besides being hungry). I discovered after being so filled with the need to Q _ _ _ M _ J _ _ like yesterday, I have been trying to fit everything into building a reality so I can infact start that new life. So, as a soon to be life coach I recognised with the right questions, the client can come up with their own answers.

So what did I do? First I found a recipe that was easy with ingredients already in my house and low carb that got me excited about cooking and eating tonight so I didn’t ruin all my success. Second I moved all my tasks from Thursday to Saturday into my calendar for next week with exception to the things I need to enjoy this weekend. Third I decided to not study again for another 7 days (except my pro bono clients, cause I’m counting that as practical study) and in the meantime getting my PC looked at. Fourth, decided to ask for help with the tech side of things I am struggling with when I am ready to continue that journey while considering if it would be better to simply focus on study for the time being. Fifth I poured a wine.

I think I might be ok at this caper. Happy days xx

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