Locked and loaded

On the 7th of June, it was my 2 year anniversary of this journey, when I found my lump. That date was also exactly 4 months from my 1st reconstruction surgery when I realized I’ve gone the distance and ready for the next phase. I have seen the surgeon today and she confirmed we have significant implants to implant and it’s time to move forward…..July 20th.

While very pleased with the process, and happy with sprouting DD, I don’t necessarily feel like they look like that but even more worrisome, I’m a little scared I don’t know how to do well!! I mean I have had chronic pain and disease on and off now for 20 odd years.

In revealing my vulnerability I also need to clarify I am 1000% happy, healthy and whole and of the unshakable belief I will remain that way. So although it’s challenging to visualise a future without dis-ease in it, it is possible.

Which brings me to the realm of possibilities. So I’m currently, as you know, emersing my self in coaching study, building my business in the pre planning stage, and last but most empowering researching quantum physics. So what did I learn last night? Particles become waves when you stop observing them, when in the wave molecule state, one molecule is in multiple locations or possibilities. This is when the magic happens. Bottom line: your body has the inherent desire to heal itself, so stop getting in it’s way.

With this being said, I’ve decided to test my theory and not go back on my trial drug after my surgery is finished.

Happy days xx

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