Yes you heard me right. It’s a real thing. I had a fortnight between expansions this round, while we try and play catch up to the left, with the stubborn right breast. I felt after the first week, I was mostly even or right on track to be. By the time I saw my Doc the second week, it felt as though it had reduced in size a little. Impossible I thought. Stop being paranoid I told myself. She confirmed ‘sometimes that happens, they can deflate’. I was devoed. She explained the muscles can oppose the expander, but if there is room in the breast pocket the expander will win eventually. She didn’t seem too concerned. I mean they’re not her tits are they? She just pumped some more in, wam, bam, thank you mam, see you next fortnight!

So after that little event I decided once and for all, to go and get fitted and measured. 14 DD and a 12 E!! WTseriousF. All the websites online with my measurements eluded to a B, a potential C – one site even said I was an A cup. I think my girth definitely has assisted that DD cup size, although I’m aware that the numbers are the band size, we all know they can be interchanged to get the same fit. She looked for the bone of the bra to fit on my side boob correctly and the DD’s are for sure the most comfortable bra (pre mastectomy) I’ve had in years. They are soft half cups to allow for my finished product to settle if needed. A good starter pack anyway. Makes me wonder though if I was in the right bra size for a decade! Probable always a C cup actual, but never really ventured out of a 12 for self esteem reasons!

So in laying all that ground work, I am feeling very happy with my body shape at the moment and as long as no more deflation takes place I reckon I’m ready to go for it and lock these babies in. As fate would have it, after my reconstruction op I was eager and asked my surgeon how long before the implant surgery and she predicted ‘about 4 months’. Well it is bang on 4 months on Sunday. She’s crazy good!

I did the calculation for 4 months after that surgery and worked out it would fall right on the weekend after our 25th wedding anniversary. Another reason I went out and bought some sexy lingerie. So I’m hopeful the surgery can be planned for end of June early July. Next step beyond that is nipples, sun bake naked again, then take on the world and be the best wellness coach the universe has ever seen!

Happy days xx

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