No where 2 B no where 2 go

Isn’t it ironic: petrol prices low, weeked coming, no where to go.

Murray and a Golden Retriever (could be half brothers)

Well ensure you focus on the positives of what this time means for us all. Slowing down, taking stock, family bonding, back to nature, less pollution, less waste, more love. With any luck this is the way of the future even after the crisis has passed.

This morning I was raring to get to the beach when my blog got a notification from a blogger of a similar name I’m following. She posted a video regarding a scientist Greg Braden (USA) explaining COVID-19. Literally answered all of my questions, and as they say knowledge is power and now I feel empowered to take charge of my own health & safety surrounding this pandemic. If you are interested ffinding his video and meditations see and for further info on the science see

Now this video was 50 minutes long so I was torn between watching now or later but once I started I didn’t want to stop till I was finished, so I was getting agitated I wasn’t at the beach, as I wanted to arrive before 10am to give Murray time off the lead. As it turned out, when I finally got there, frustrated and anxious as I literally touched down at the waters edge there was a dolphin right in front of me, 20 meters from the shore line, if that. Given it was swimming in the opposite direction I normally walk I followed it to Henley Square, pointing out out to people as I went, and than walked back to West Beach surf life saving club then, to where I’d parked at Henley sailing club, with a 10 minute lay over of meditation on the sand during my 2 hour (guided mediation) mindful walk. What a joy. Life obviously wanted me to see that video AND delay my beach time perfectly. Life is not a struggle when we surrender to it. Life should always be this easy and it can be when we start to connect to ourselves apart from outside influences. So gratefull to have this life. Every breath we take is another chance to change our lives for the better, become what we want to be, and live the life we deserve. And as Sylvester says ‘every day do one thing for yourself that puts something in the heart bank’. Meaning look after yourself, your growth, your learning and your self compassion.

My mediation quote today was make sure when saying yes to someone else you are not saying no to yourself. The kinder we are to ourselves, the kinder we can be to others. That brings me back to the video I watched. Along with the facts about Sars-CoV-2 (the scientific name) COVID-19 being the condition, one of many different virus that exist under the banner Coranavirus, Greg discusses how we can prevent the spread and protect ourselves. Amongst the obvious and well known he mentions,  fresh air, nature, social connection (aren’t we lucky we live in a digital age where we can do this while still practicing social distancing), nutrition, exercise and meditation to reduce stress as stress attracts dis-ease. It’s worthy to note, these concepts are all pillars to the idea of fulfilment and wellness. They are called the dimensions of health and wellness.

Now at the end of his presentation he alludes to the science behind meditation and connecting the brain and the heart in co-hereance much as Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra even Russel Brand (worth following) do & Louise Hay did (rest her soul). Fitting, as I’ve already started this journey and loving how the universe keeps sending me signs I’m on the right path – All we need is LOVE (sometimes I wonder how we have lived amongst higher beings when I quote their, lyrics, movie lines or well known phrases).

Now there is no way I’m perfect, and I still get caught up in day to day and let emotion take over and ya de ya de ya. But every day I try and make my life and others a little easier and meditating (some call it praying) helps me get closer to realising my goal. Seize the day, the time is now to practice love and compassion and thoughtfulness, in what we do how we do it and how we say it…including to ourselves.

So although I’m disappointed as it seems my breast reconstruction surgery will now be delayed beyond the surgeon’s prediction of June due to elective surgery canned, I’m hopeful the clinic will stay open to allow for me to continue my visits for expansion. I’ve also had clarified what felt like a broken rib, was my strong muscle fighting the rib against the expander, but she is confident the expander always wins which means the pain will minimise over time. Meanwhile, I’m off to eat my home made spinach soup (packed with vitamin C), drop some off at my dad’s door, do a spot of yoga and finish with a heart and mind connection meditation.

Happy Days xx

Dolphin close to shore

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