Demolition Man

We’ll I watched this last week but on total recall it doesn’t seem as stupid this week as it did. Set in 2036 (but made in 1993) all things bad for you were banned including hand shaking due to personal hygiene. Mean while my son is still at footy training with Glenelg who obviously haven’t got the message yet!😷

As for me I’m 4th pumped session in and they are still NOT even. Dr thinks I’ve had 250ml so far but I’ve definitely only had 4 visits of 50ml each. Hopefully next week we’ll be caught up and pumping both. Today I got the all clear to drive and swim but no laps 🥳 great news given the weather for my last week off before I’m due back at work (if work’s still there).

Went to the supermarket for normal shop today and was blown away at the ridiculousness. Feels surreal this is actually happening 🤪

Stay safe everyone, follow the rules, don’t panic, use common sense and we will have …

Happy days xx

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