WAMs & their Fams

A smart badge for those special occasions!

Last night at approximately 7.30 pm I had a surprise visit by a party of 3 on behalf of all my WAMs. They came bearing gifts, bubbles & pink tulips!

Pink tulips

I was speechless, but still the boys (intent on watching Survivor) locked us away in the front room, and waited on us as required with the pinot noir (kidding, the boys didn’t lock us away and I am never speechless).

Special shout out to Paige who coordinated the entire thing from low carb snacks, a fuck cancer badge, wine, a book, body wash, cheese, chocolate, herbal tea and a message from Sly.

The girls, the bubbles, the dog. Thank you for all your effort and thoughts x

It’s probably appropriate at this stage to shout out to everyone who has been so amazing and generous in their visits, from my first gift from Dan, a perfect night dress for the hospital, to a bikini voucher from Sue for when I need to update my wardrobe🤣👙. The flowers,  plants, food, meals & foot massages in between are the most tremedously thoughtful things people could do. I hope I never have to repay the favour and that we all live long lustrious, healthy and thriving lives.

Famous quote and picture of Sylvester Stallone.

Happy days xx

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