Day 3

Me, my bags, my sexy compression stockings and my non slip sox …a good weights workout.

Boring narcissist Oscars on TV so no midday movie which is a shame (although Kirsten Wiig & Maya Rudolph were hilarious) oh and now my favourite TV drama’s daughter is singing (This Is Us, Chrissy Metz).

Started the day at 7.30am and have managed to stretch my pain killers to 5 hourly, the back wound being the one giving me the most grief. My cannula has now come out so that’s freed me up a little more and all drugs are now oral. The sooner you’re oralled up, the closer you are to going home however  there was talk yesterday that maybe 1 or 2 of my 6 drains could be removed today, but Michelle thinks another day now (and the theory is you don’t go home till the drains are out).

My back scar

Taught a nurse how to lower the chairs including the shower chairs. She didn’t realise they were adjustable. She’s only worked here 10 years so I guess that’s fair enough! Mind you now everyone that walks in my room is paying me out how low I am! They say things like ‘far out how low are you’ and ‘I’ve never seen that chair so low’ and ‘I didn’t know the chair could go that low’. I get it….it’s fucking low. That was after my surgeon walked in on my first day and my feet were dangling like a toddler and she said “you know that chair goes down right?” and I replied “ oh I know ” and then she kind of smiled knowingly.

The lowest chair in history- at least I can rest back and still touch the floor with my feet.

My husband bought me clothes ( not flowers ) today as I needed some loose t-shirts, and then treated me to a coffee at Hudsons, in the hope the caffeine will finally make me poo!! 😬💩 Gotta love him💗 Then we watched the first episode of ‘Rewiring the Brain’ by Joe Dispenza, another link in my quantum physics and resetting intention for the rest of my life journey.

Happy days xx

No embarrassing emergency alarms today in my private bathroom.

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