So last night

Not a great night but I won’t bore you with the details except to say the pain killers gave me some funky lucid dreaming and excessive paranoia which was scarier than any pain I’ve ever had. Other than that I had a great sleep and have a wonderful nurse this morning.

On the technical side I have two different expanders and different size boobs again for the moment, this time alternate boobs.

The original offending breast is now the larger of the two (a small size A cup) with just the skin flap from my back and a gel like expander slightly pre expanded. The drain site on my back today is extremely painful, while yesterday I couldn’t feel it at all. A heat pack is helping with the sharp stabbing pain, thanks to the suggestion of my nurse who normally works in ICU.

My left side has a different expander in it which will not get any attention for a few weeks. Once I’m slightly healed they’ll start expanding it to match the other, then continue expanding both till it’s potential or my prefernce is reached.

The left is pumped by using a magnet to detect an injection site, while the right will have an exposed vowel until implant. Craaaaazy, cray, cray. In about 4 months I’ll be able to book for the implant surgery.

It’s real hard to know how much to do or not do to assist healing so that will be my first question for Michelle today, amongst a thousand others.

Currently Foster is playing a Glenelg trial game and I’m about to fall off my perch (dizzy from the meds), so I’m signing off for now.

Happy days xx (although last night I questioned more than once why I was doing this)

Ps obliging the request of no squirmish photos today Mike

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