Whoops I did it again….

Years ago when receiving treatment for leukaemia as an outpatient, I had a cannula in my hand. I had visited the ladies and because of the cannula I just could not get my pants done up. Well I couldn’t very well leave the bathroom till I had my pants done up could I? Well I will never understand why, if you push the assist button from your hospital bed a nurse takes 15 minutes to get there, but if you push it from the bathroom it must be a full blown emergency and so at your most vulnerable the whole fucking ward staff come running, then role their eyes cause I just needed someone to do my pants up before I left the toilet (or in today’s case, wanted to stand up after a wash and get dressed). Yes the whole ward saw me naked!

Any how, on the flip side my surgeon Michelle dropped in this morning on her day off (is there such a thing for surgeons, doctors, physicians and the like). She told me she spent over an hour cleaning out the horrible scar tissue and gunk that had formed around undrained fluid from the mastectomy (it has felt like a broken rib the entire year but I thought that was just slow healing) and that the radiotherapy affects and hardens all the areas she needs to work, therefore she spent another significant amount of time micro slicing the muscle she needed that would normally peel off easily. All that being said, she was extremely confident it makes no difference in the end result. So I told her “Well you earned your money yesterday then” and she definitely scoffed (because she is the most remarkable surgeon in the state who does not demand an exorbitant gap and pray on people’s misfortune). I promptly told her I was joking and how grateful I was “Dr Lodge” and she said, “you can call me Michelle”. I am so fortunate to have her as my surgeon along with all the other doctors I have had along the way.

I’m sitting up this afternoon, wearing my new sleep dress from Dan, eating normally and off my PCA😌 (which means my pain is controlled). And I am sitting here as I watch Mr Holland’s Opus now nearing it’s end, which holds a special place in my heart as it’s the first movie I watched the day I arrived home from 7 weeks in hospital, a MUD BMT, and a knowing I had survived something not many do including a relative by marriage. RIP Jamie

Happy days xx

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