Day 1

What an effing relief that is done, I woke up and I’m compos!

As I walked into the OR I was told to lay down on the operating table. That was difficult because it’s very high and I’m very short, however it’s not the first time I’ve been challenged with that obstacle. Before they sent me to sleep the aneasthest asked me to state in my own words what the surgeon would be performing today so I simply said “the first operation to give me new tits’. It was nice to see a smile on everyone’s face before I drifted off.

Surgery lasted approximately 5 and a half hours and I woke up gently with no problem and no pain. As I woke up further, the pain increased of course but I can tell you this. I woke up in far more pain from my bone marrow harvest 20 odd years ago…I guess that has more to do with the pain relief though, rather than the procedure. They then put me on my best friend PCA morphine (patient controlled administration). I’ve also got coverage from a very intense endone type pain killer and panadol would you believe. And after 4 hours in recovery and bypassing ICU I was moved directly to a holding cell 😆😆 I mean holding ward (thoughts of Paul Schuster emerging), where my boys were waiting for me. All the fuss and excitement saw me do some small vomeys in which Fos proceeded to photogragh and giggle at nurse Todd trying not to reciprocate in kind. In saying this and all pain kill meds, it’s know wonder I feel like I’m off with fairies. It also explains last night’s events.

As the evening wore on, my blood pressure continued to drop and my need for stillness to ease the nausea and pain, caused them for concern so much so they prepared me for an EKG but simply by sitting me up and the commotion, it rose to 90 over 60. My diastolic has always been high and the aneasthatist, considering the lengthy op was happy with a benchmark systolic no lower than 90, which it remained for the rest of the evening. In the meantime the nurses wanted me to drink and eat to help raise it. Remember the pain killers I was on….already having 3 doses of nausea meds I knew this would end badly but they weren’t taking no for an answer so I chose, of course cheese and crackers and a coffee, which revisited promptly no less than 5 minutes later after me reclining my bed to rest. But dont you fear, it hasn’t dampened my appetite for cheese and crackers (or coffee). Now both these events you may be seeing as a negative but me…low blood pressure booyeah and benefits of eating cheese but not digesting it…booyeah again!

Over night I had my old enemy sleep apnea pay a visit so if it wasn’t the ob checks, my apnea or the bloody leg clot compressor actually alarming every time they compress WTFW, I had little useful rest. At 3am I decided ENOUGH and set my intention for an uninterrupted sleep before next ob check. When woken at 5am I felt well rested.

By 7.30 the blinds were opened and breaky arrived at 8am. I ordered fruit toast which was stone cold so I asked the nurse to toast it and she was more than happy to oblige however she was busy of course and burnt it! Now those of you who know my LWB infamous toast story, will know how grateful I was, the entire hospital wasn’t required to evacuate !

Happy days xx

One of my small vomeys

Just a few drains…6 in total plus.. as Fos would say, one piss bottle.

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