The restack

It’s finally here and I can’t wait, this is really happening.

3 more sleeps and I check in (cause it’s a well deserved holiday right?) at 6am Friday morning, ready for theatre at 7.30am. That’s right, my performance starts on stage before my first coffee, the red eye production! Should be back in ICU no later than 6pm!

I have been on a journey in the last few months, learning about quantum physics (and what the hell that even is), reading about rewiring the brain, from Deepak Chopra to neurosurgeons and the like. I have always been a positive thinker, believe and make it real, meditate don’t medicate kind of girl but this shit is next level and I’m loving it. To be honest I probably got all the same info from Louise Hay 20 odd years ago but this time I’m listening, really listening. I’m ready.

*Dr jurisharma

Take the above diagram for example. I’ve done multiple self assessments over the years with different models during my training career and have been lucky enough to come up pretty even in most quadrants lacking a little in the detail B quadrant. This puts me in a good position for further expansion into increasing my brain power evenly and rewiring my habits to become who I wish to be. To be the change, to live the life I deserve. The benefits have already started and I am so excited for them to continue through and beyond this procedure.

I’ve relaxed my body, silenced the mind, opened my heart, set my intentions, made them clear, moved from hoping to knowing, have belief in the process and feel my soul rewarding me for my efforts.

I asked at the beginning of this journey for you all to join me and give positive energy. You have by giving me love, joy, compassion and kindness.

How lucky am I to have had this experience. I wouldn’t change a thing….and I get new boobs!

Happy days xx

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