Creative Visualisation

I woke up this morning with an awe moment and realised I need to go back to my visualisation roots from my transplant days. So instead of visualising the chemo running through my veins as fighter pilots and a full on frontal war attack of epic proportions followed by my new bone marrow being seeds of abundance with flowering fruits and a plentiful, green healthy and vibrant garden, I am now invisaging nature at its best inside my body and I already feel less stiff, achy and experiencing less pain. It’s 1pm!

My spine is a strong eucalyptus tree it’s branches my firm and secure rib cage, at my heart sits a healthy calming koala and my lungs, glorious transparent blue lakes abundant with fresh water wild life from fish, turtles, grasses, water lillies and birds.

My mind is a brilliant & stunning display of lightening strikes, firing positive thoughts and emotions 100000 x per second and solving complex issues, achieving all my dreams and benefiting from robust, durable, solid relationships, career, life goals and financial stability.

My shoulders are the beginnings of glorious lapping oceans that move freely and invite relaxed passage under pressure of subtle tides, extending down my arms to vast seas full of wild sea life living harmoniously with endless unknown depth and capacity.

My liver is a patch of agapanthers with ability to sprout easily and regenerate while my kydney’s are 2 glorious perfect pots of tulips.

My intestines and other vital organs are a picture of a splendid English garden with little hideaway paths playfully intertwining (because my bone marrow is now English!) and my stomach is a simple garden hose which nourishes the garden.

I’ll let you guess where my blow hole is and what my waterful with pretty rainbows suggests. 🤣

My thys are strong willow trees with drooping branches and striking bright healthy leaves representing my flexible muscles, joints and tendons with ability to harbour heavy loads while my knees are panthers; strong, fast, lean, lithe and supple.

My shins and calves are vines that are strong and intermingled and attractive and my hands and feet are 1000’s of pebbles with the ability to move, grab, support and balance as required void from pain.

This is heaven on earth, a truly spectacular place to live. Who wouldnt want to live here? I’m so lucky.

Happy days xx

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