When I was dancing to Prince Party like it’s 1999 I never could have imagined this is where I’d be today.

That’s the point I guess, none of us ever can and Amen to that because who would want all that anxiety or fear of what is to come.

However we tend to deal as it occurs don’t we? Some how some way all in our own way we deal with our own shit. On occasion tragedy strikes most of us pick up the pieces and move forward, at the risk of quoting Rocky “It ain’t all sunshine and butterflies but it’s not how hard we can hit its how hard we get hit and keep moving forward”. And that my friends is the journey and joy of life.

So today, I am happy, healthy and whole, I have ticked a long time dream off my bucket list yesterday, having swam with dolphins and sea lions in the wild and tomorrow, well who knows what tommorw will bring.

So my new years resolutions are endless but in a nutshell; more mindful meditation to harness my inner strength and perceptions, regular movement in yoga practice, stretching, swimming & walking, continue my true well balanced whole foods diet for my health & wellbeing, believe in not sweating the small stuff, learn more about quantum physics, embrace my new body as at will go through another transformation in 2020, and as a blessed friend said to me once as her NYR find inner peace. 💕

Life is for thriving not surviving so get amongst it.

Happy days xx

Photos of sea lion adventure, dolphins, pelican landing and us on SUPS

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