Whipping up a storm

The night was ablaze but they were unaware of that.  The night was not ablaze in their backyard so they were grateful.  They were grateful for their mum surviving not one but two cancers, grateful for having air conditioning during the horrendous heat wave in Adelaide, grateful for presents under the tree for upcoming Christmas, grateful for amazing WAMS (friends of said mum), grateful for a great new neighbour, grateful for an upcoming holiday and grateful for amazing beaches in their backyard (figuratively not literally).

Not to say the least grateful that they visited White Island in New Zealand January 2019 and not December 2019.  Sliding doors  and all that!

Mum woke up in the morning, two days out from Christmas, let the bumbling shaggy dog out for his morning release and immediately smelt the smoke.  When she stepped outside it was obvious there was restriction to vision due to smoke drifting in from the hills.  It was ominous and a little reminder that not all was well in everyone’s world.

Be grateful and offer help to those who need it where you can but most of all treasure every day, treat all new experience as an adventure and try to make those ordinary days……

Happy Days xx

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