I’m still standing

I recently attended Elton John’s Farewell Tour (yes I bought ligit tickets!). I thoroughly enjoyed him and was pleasantly surprised. Throughout the night he played the inevitable “I’m still standing” and during the second chorus I kid you not, a light from the stage hit me full on in the face and I felt an enormous wave of bliss, peace and contentment, feeling ‘everything will be alright’ (a song btw performed by the cover pianist Nate Sheridan with a fab jazz feel).

I have since seen my oncologist who assures me to trust the process with my upcoming reconstruction surgery and happy with my decision to delay the start of my trial drug Nerlynx. So that rounds out my year of medical appointments (except for a skin check Wednesday for a concerning mole and an overdue smear next week plus a bunch of new referrals I need and a chronic health care plan so I can get some pain mgt appointments organised with a physio for my joints) But other than that it’s a rap!

I am now looking forward to 5 more days of work, 3 weeks of leave, a swim booked with dolphin & seals on NYE and building strength, fitness, health & happiness prior to surgery. To add to my new and improved eating I have finally cracked the drought of lap swimming and completed 15 minutes with ease, totally loosening my shoulders up and giving me that hit of endorphins I so desperately crave to balance my cortisole stress hormone.

Happy days xx

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