Shit happens

Double figure shits that is. Literally!ūüí©

Let me explain. I started Nerlynx on Monday night (that’s the daily oral HER2 protein blocker trial I’ve been banging on about and really nervous to start. With good reason as it turns out).

What looked like on Tuesday just a morning bout of hot sweats, cramps during the night and horrible gastro episodes that lasted 15 minutes each morning, I thought to myself I got this. By this morning however I felt constipated, so I reduced my Imodium. By 8pm I’m into double figures with as Angie (from Bachy) just said “nothing more to give”. Needless to say I’m back on ‘high gear/full mode’ Imodium doses for the time being!

Some of the other side effects include tummy cramps and morning sickness (apparently… what the hell would I know). Which brings me to an interesting segway. Never could have children, no ovaries and no periods for 25 years and now I’m on hormone blockers, cramps like period pain you would not believe and fucking morning sickness? What cruel joke are you playing Miss Universe?

On the up side I’m totally off my food, but when I am eating I am still determined to eat well. 100g off my 5 week goal, weigh in due next Thursday (remember the goal is to lose unhealthy visceral fat, getting healthy not skinny, so that’s why I’m excited).

BTW haven’t number twoed (which currently feels like number one!) since restocking my Imodium with a double dose tonightūü§£

Today I met with two lovely ladies I used to work with. Lets call them 2KW’s (two Kay women ha ha ha). 3 hours later and I had the most superb time, what a date!

Later that day I tried to get Murray in the pool for his first swim and copped a split lip for my efforts.

Happy days xx

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