The light at the end of the tunnel

Three weeks ago after much research, depression, health issues most of my life and the most steely determination I’ve ever had, I decided to cut carbs and I’ve learnt a whole lot about healthy heating. The decision was based on health not looks and whole foods predominately.

I’m back to using my fitness pal (to keep me honest with myself) and a friend and I used to joke that we could never reach their ” if every day was like today in 5 weeks you’d weigh…. weight prediction” and declared it was bullshit. Well I’m here to tell you it’s the first time ever I HAVE eaten the same every day for 3 weeks continuously and 2 weeks off the 5 week mark I’m totally on track and only 0.3kg off the prediction. I just thought you should know the app is accurate!!.😲😲 how funny

So now I am eating more healthy fat like olive oil, coconut oil, butter and avocado. Less sugar (in and out of carbs) and protein in every meal.

I have had no cravings and not felt hungry. I can’t believe there’s some truth in all this!! I never thought I could elliminate bread or pasta from my diet but with some really great recipes/menus, some imagination, a little time & effort and a good weeks plan I’m coping better than I thought I would. I used to do all this time and effort but carbs was the primary food group I built my menu around. (Tonight for example is pizza night-my crust tonight though will be made from blended chicken breast and cheese baked till crispy). I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now I know I’m finally doing this for my health and well being it has such a greater impact on my resolve than esthetics ever did. I no longer worry about the food I’m missing but rather on the years of my life I’m gaining. It’s finally occurred to me I had a very real eating disorder.

So along with more energy (managed a walk with Murray and a 15 minute swim in the pool yesterday), my blood pressure has also stayed down.

The kicker was when my plastic surgeon said I am not a good candidate for my dream tummy tuck reconstruction because I had the wrong kind of fat, I looked at her quizically and she explained

“you have fat under the muscle, you can’t surgically remove that”

“Not even with lypo?”

“Not even with lypo” she assured me

..I started researching from there and had lot of light bulb moments. I’m probably telling you some stuff you already know, but:

1. fat under muscle is termed visceral fat, the most unhealthy
2. Visceral fat can cause breast cancer
3. Visceral fat can cause inflamation
4. Stress can increase visceral fat

I’m a case study right there!

So the light bulb was not that tummy fat is unhealthy (I already knew that) but my particular fat was a killer.

10 years ago when I was 35 my metabolic age was 22 (18 in strength, endurance and stamina with lack of flexibly keeping me that bit older).

I did the keto diet quiz 3 weeks ago and my metabolic age is now 55 and I felt it.

I’ve been a stress head all my life with bad and inconsistent eating habits. Exercise only became part of my daily routine in my early 20’s, to the point of obsession in my 30’s. Chuck in a cup of cancer, a pinch of unrelated health issues and drizzle that with long term side effects of cancer treatment and I guess you have a recipe for disaster. I used to say ‘everything in moderation’ but people who know me also know I don’t do things by halves!

I’m still working on keeping the stress levels down by daily mediation and deep breathing and finding the art ‘Of not giving a fuck’ (great book, recommend you read it), increasing the exercise will also help with that, but considering the hormone blockers I’m on that will take time to adjust.

Overall I can see a future again (despite being very nervous about starting my next trial drug on Monday). I’m never looking back xx

Happy days xx

See below for some meals I’ve been enjoying with minimal carbohydrates and sugar free.

Roasted chicken & broccoli with avocado as dressing
Roasted chicken & broccoli with avocado as dressing
S&P squid with salad & garlic/chill olive oil dressing
S&P squid with salad & garlic/chill olive oil dressing
Meat pizza with beef crust
Meat pizza with beef crust
Zuchini burgers with coconut stirfry slaw
Zuchini burgers with coconut stirfry slaw
Chilli Chicken with creamy veg
Chilli Chicken with creamy veg
Crispy herb salmon
Crispy herb Salmon with greens and a delicious olive oil dressing

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