Another 180

I am 6 days into my low carb high protein diet….lifestyle change. Its the longest I’ve ever stuck to an actual diet in my life and I’m actually loving it.

I’m on a mission to improve my health, live longer, be stronger, without chronic pain, improve fitness, feel better, have more energy, flexibility and above all love myself. This is for a lifetime not a quick fix.

Today is the first time in years I’ve had the energy after work to drop into the supermarket. On top of that I’ve walked Murray, cooked tea, done a load of washing and made my meals for tomorrow plus tidied the kitchen. That much seriously has not been done on a workday for … since I can’t remember.

Its got to be the food. Healthy, leafy greens, loads of low carb veg, eggs, meat, fish and the occasional fruit and almonds.

This morning I had a cucumber, baby spinach and coconut milk shake for breakfast. Trust me the thought of it made me want to ralph but the first taste was ok, then the thought of the benefits and long term outcomes, far out weighed the taste….which was kinda enjoyable.

I started this on a long weekend when I would normally visit the Pt Elliott bakery, wine and cheese every 3pm and pizza for dinners. I made it through, didn’t say no to the wine but resisted even crackers, subsituting then for crispy apple and cheese. I figured if I could do it there I could do it anywhere.

I’m not weighing myself, instead letting my wellness rule my endeavour, and if I lose weight it will take care of itself.

Infuser port out Thursday. Another real chapter in this journey coming to an end.

Happy days xx

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